Monday, July 6, 2009

Climbing Genting Highlands

genting highlands.

man, the last time i came up here was with mr. khairul for the boyz to men concert, after dumping little khaleef at auntie na's place! that felt so jurassic-period-ago!

we're sending mr. khairul's younger sister tina to genting highlands for the start of her practical training.

every single anwars were there - big bro along (mr. khairul) with his awesome, comel wife syigim and two sons khaleef and kahfi, bro 'angah' k, tina, teh, asrar and youngest sis sofia together with their parents, and daughter in law hami with new baby wafa. we didn't go on the many rides here, nor did we let the big boys play games at the arcade; but we hung out at this awesome lookout point.

my in-laws now have 3 grandkids; the ever-manja mengada first grandson khaleef, the born-in-dubai kahfi and the first girl cucu; wafa.

asrar with niece wafa, mr. k's youngest sis sofia, tina with khaleef, and teh with kahfi

mr. khairul's siblings make full use of their time with their nephews and niece to smother them with lotsa hugs and kisses! and xbox time!

they were very excited taking pictures; they might be on top of genting highlands - but having their along back in their arms is enough to make them feel like on top of the world.

aunts, uncles, nephews and nieces - cousins?

("zara jangan jealous, okay. ni cousin i," kahfi pujuk zara) meet wafa and cousin kahfi! i LOVE this shot. it's like the sweet, demure wafa taking picture with the cheeky, badboy cousin kahfi!

* * *

speaking of cousins, khaleef & kahfi met up with cousin cuya yesterday. no pictures coz she is SO shy! dah lama tak jumpa! but can't wait for the rest of the cousins to meet up - haiqal, haqeem, husna, cuya, khaleef & kahfi!


Arin said...

hahahahhahahahha....tergalak mak zara baca ayat bisik tadik .."sape tuh ye ma..rambut sama cam zara"

paij188 said...

syigim, we went there last week for a short cuti2 malaysia. we didn't climb though fly up there with Sky Way. my hp in malaysia, 019-3481735

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