Friday, July 17, 2009

Wolverine Kills Righteously @ Land of Lost

no, jalan-jalan? with flu and a sore throat, and sadly no appetite - syigim has become a couch potato. (but a cute one. on an ikea couch) she devoured 3 movies at one go. it was nasty. an action flick, a comedy adventure and a psycho thriller. enjoy.

* * *

it's not until after watching him hosting the academy awards did i really admire him as a character actor who is not afraid of showing a goofy side. before this he's nothing but a hot bod greek god with an australian accent. mr. hugh jackman. phew, is it hot in here, mate?

hugh jackman is a man's man. he's not playing a man in tights, a drunk swashbuckling pirate or a superhero with his underwear on the outside. he's wolverine. (can i hear some screaming?), a mutant with the ability to project razor-sharp steel-claws from his fist, and is self-healing, thus indestructible. not only that, he passionately protects the ones he loves and has a cool and temper of a disturbed beehive. how cool is that?

the movie is A plus. there's never a dull moment, and the only complaint mr. khairul has for the movie is that it's too short! more actions, please! the 'wolf' brothers shared the screen with awesome teeth-clenching moments packed with action! i'd dare say 'wolverine' surpasses even the x-men series.

don't agree? bite me.

* * *

'some people respect the badge. everyone respects the gun.' woah.

powerhouse names grace this movie. robert deniro. al pacino. the mere mention of their names can send goosebumps. ooh. (say it like those hyenas in disney's lion king).

and now they both shared the silver screen for this psycho thriller of two partnering cops investigating a serial murder involving the killing of bad guys who somehow made it pass the justice system. a poem is always left at the scene alongside the body. who? why?

from the beginning robert de niro takes on the role of the more brooding, sexy (yeah, sexy no kidding!) no-nonsense cop, while al pacino is the peace-maker wise guy with a smart mouth. you'd think that they're such big names that they'd try hard to overshadow each other to the point of over-acting but these are professionals, academy award-winners at work - they both gel well and in fact, complemented each other to bring out powerful performances, like always.

the movie starts with de niro's cop character speaking at a tv screen, confessing to the murder of 14 people. too early in the movie? and continues to narrate occasionally as he expresses his fear of being found out, and the urge to take justice into his own hands on those baddies that got away.

personally i've always preferred de niro than al pacino - but this movie is a must-see for fans of both.

* * *

you're tensed. you have a bad day. just loose yourself in the 'land of the lost'. it is silly fun. period.

if only they take out the toilet humors like dunking himself with dino pee (eww.) and a few other unnecessarily icky scenes. other than that, i thoroughly enjoy this movie purely for its amusing skits. will ferrel is not as funny as jim carey or steve carell but he can still make you laugh out loud. i like him in ben stiller's 'zoolander', and he's quirkily charming in that movie where his life is actually a narration from a real book. i forgot the title.

will ferrel is a has-been palentology got sucked into a weird parallel dimension, filled with dinos and weird creatures. a world where time overlaps - from swimming at a half buried motel in the mid of a desert to being chased by a t-rex to befriending a neanderthal named chaka. sucked along with him is a lovely brit research assistant and a loud-mouth redneck, who's painfully annoying though his heart is in the right place.

..while dinosaurs are about to attack the paleontologist
redneck to paleantologist : i'd join any battle with you, man. anytime, anywhere! (dengan bersemangat)
paleontologist : can the time be now, my friend? (dengan penuh dramatik dan penuh harapan berbunga-bunga)
redneck : (hesitant) well, i didn't think you'd call up that favor this soon, man. so i have to say no to this time. but any other time, i'm there!

pehtu dia blah! chaotic!

if you like brendan fraser's 'journey to the center of the world', then you might like this one. expedition to a new world, adventures at every corner, creatures to meet and monsters to fight. except that it's wackier, sillier - with corny b-grade looking alien-like amphibians, and erm, lacked the handsomeness such as brendan fraser's. but equally charming!

just leave your brain at the door and you'll laugh your teeth out. really.

* * *

can't wait for tomorrow. ipoh, here i come!

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