Friday, July 10, 2009

Malaysia Hall Melbourne : A Mini Reunion

when i was studying in melbourne, i stayed at the humble blue bungalow we know as malaysia hall. patriotism, teamwork and most of all, friendship - was what we inherit from our days there. i was lucky to be part of this awesome bunch, and very glad that after all these years the friendship hasn't faltered.

kak arin, me, liyana, kak laily and nurin in front of our beloved msia hall, getting ready to board the tram to sunday market

on this short visit back to malaysia, i hooked up with kak arin who called up liyana and qila - ex-'convicts' of malaysia hall melbourne. it was just the four of us, but more than enough to bring up new gossips and old tales of hall-ians.

especially since 3 of us are already mommies to 5 noisy kiddos, and another is a mom-to-be!

me, kak arin & liyana - melbourne circa 2004

..from this...

kak arin with her lil zara, me and potpetpotpet mom-to-be liyana

- to this!

liyana is one cool mom-to-be who pokpeks full-time and did some sewing on the side! haha. no, seriously she makes these cool hand-made bags and pouches using really cute cottons with beautiful floral and wacky prints - just check out her site! place your order right away! i myself am waiting for my nappy bag for kahfi!

the girl babes checkin out my super-cute boy kahfi

qila and her baby girl qist, kak arin and her girls to-turn-3 hanum and 7-months zara, along with me and my boys khaleef and kahfi, together with liyana who's 3-months pregnant! (owh, thanks to liyana's bizz partner for the help to take our pictures!)

read about our meeting at kak arin's blog too!

we met at centerpoint's mcd, as kak arin suggested a place with a play area so that khaleef and hanum can run around freely. oh, yes and they did run mad with laughter. and a couple of teary moments!

now girl babes are seeking approval from super-cute baby boy kahfi's mom! (bakal mak mertua, eh?)

khaleef and hanum hit it off immediately. since the moment kak arin picked us up from tmn tun, they were already borak-ing, looking at pictures and hanum's toys. as they arrived at the mcd's play area, it was only natural for them to straight away run off and played together, as if they've hung out with each other many times before.

khaleef and hanum munched nuggets and sipping iced milo before starting off into the 'wild', open space!

..and at least took few stops to drink, eat, and breathe!

through this blog and kak arin's, we both constantly enjoy match-making her zara and my kahfi who are just a month apart. in fact, our estimated due date are supposed to be on the same day but zara came out first.

so i was very excited to meet them up, and take loads and loads of pictures together! and yes, there were many shots! but i just had to minimize or else the heading on this posting should read 'kahfi and zara's meeting' instead!

this was the first time we put them on the mat together! when i first went into kak arin's car, zara was not at all in a welcoming mood, crying for her mama yang tengah drive! i held her but she still wants mama! kahfi was placed in her car-seat and immediately fell asleep! (memandangkan bakal mak mertua kat sblah tengah potpetpotpet!)

..and when we arrived at mcd, kahfi was wide awake and was all smiles, but zara pulak tido after milk time! so we had to wait till zara was awake to finally take pictures of them!

these are might adorable shots of kahfi and zara! zara was making this owh-so-cute faces while puling on kahfi's overalls, much to his amusement! sape taknak awek tarik-tarik baju, weh? *wink wink* (eh, marah mama zara kang! hihi)

kak arin said zara and hanum fell flat asleep on the way home, and so was kahfi! (khaleef balik sambung main xbox!)

stories were shared that day, gossips were passed on, experiences related and laughters infected - like kak arin said in her blog - macam sesi bergosip dan bercerita kat dapur malaysia hall! - but most importantly it was just nice to see each other again. i was especially elated to see kak arin after months of blog-messaging each other, liyana for her incredibly happy news of a coming bundle of joy and qila for finally meeting her lil qist!

dah nak balik kak arin baru teringat - should've called izwan! sorry, dude. rugi ko takde. god willing we'll meet up before i leave, and you can join then! (read : belanja aku makan, encik pilot!)

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Arin said...

ahaaa..b4 syigim balik, i'll try to get eg and adil too..and the rest of melb ppl..hopefully!

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