Sunday, July 19, 2009

Chaotic Photoshoot

put 6 kids aged -1 to 7+ on a lawn. and watch chaos at play.

i had an image in my mind. a few even. arrange them according to height. or age. or in random. sitting down. standing up. some sit some stand. golek-golek. lie down. jumping in the air. hugs. poses. candids. i especially bought matching dubai t's for them kids.

but turns out 4 adults can't get them kids to listen and follow instructions exactly!

the most co-operative was haqeem, the grinning boy in red. excellent sport. always ready - smiling on the get go! the most troublesome was - khaleef! he was in one of his moods - sporting this macho, brooding face - geram betul!

the first part of trying to get all 6 of them sitting on the grass -

  1. haiqal suddenly said, "kejap. nak berak!" so the rest had to wait. impatiently. restlessly.
  2. khaleef constantly moving away from the troop to hug a nearby pillar.
  3. haqeem tugging out few rumput and dropping the rumput 'confetti' on sufya's head!
  4. kahfi was totally fixated with the grass.

once we got everyone sitting down, nuna refused to! also, we can't see the 'dubai' word and also the burj al-arab on their t's. so, up up everyone!

then they tried (or we tried to 'organize' them) standing up. khaleef, this time was willing to stay put, but still having that 'whacca lookin at' look. haqeem was ever bubbly. haiqal played the big brother card, sufya was obediently grinning away while nuna needed some coaxing.

..and this is the RESULT! hours of organizing and arranging, screaming instructions and 'threats' to some (read : khaleef) and this was the best shot that we were able to get.

* * *

funny thing was, later that day yong and i were looking through old photographs of us adik-beradik, and came across a picture of us with cousins belah abah at my opah's house in teluk intan. and it was a perfect picture!

arranged according to height. coordinated based on the color of our baju melayu and baju kurung. girls sitting on the wooden floor, while the boys stood behind. we were what? 4-6 years old? the old picture looked so peaceful and organized! why can't we re-create the magic during this photo shoot?

hmm. i think because our kids are much more vibrant and such minds can't sit still! *smile*

* * *

ok, let's get to know haji sharifuddin's grandchildren!

...and his daughters!

why yang bongsu tu 'nazirah'? you might ask. or you might not. or you might be wondering now that i've mentioned it. i'm gonna tell it anyway. well, orang-orang tua kata when berderet girls and you wish for a boy, then you have to change the pattern of the name for the next girl so that the child that comes after the girl whose name you changed, would be a boy -


so since all of us have syazrins, with double 's' just like my dad sharifuddin shoib, my youngest sister was named after my mother's initial, 'n', noriza. so no matter how left out she did feel when she was younger, my mak would always tell her that she's special because "azi ikut nama mak." making her beam in pride.

hmm. bila tengok semua cucu-cucu berkumpul ni, teringat mak. takpe nanti korang dah besar sikit mak cerita pasal wan okay? *smile*


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