Tuesday, October 4, 2011

UUM Convo : Recipient of Gold Medal Award

1.10.11 would be a date to remember for the little wife beaming with pride, and the inspired sons and daughter.

congratulations to my brother-in-law abg mat (my eldest sister's husband) for his completion of masters in business admin from UUM (northern university of malaysia). what's more impressive was that he received the coveted 'gold medal' award (pingat emas UMHSB) which is given only to 5 selected students who are the best in their respective courses.

he was named the best graduate in MBA.



a quick family potrait to mark the day!


a brilliant feat, but not surprising. an exco member of the perak youth (majlis belia perak) and a committee member of UMNO youth, ipoh timor, i've always known him as someone who has immersed himself in politics with great passion; and performed community service as well. when tsunami hit aceh, he joined missions to send help over in light of that terrible tragedy.

so as an MBA student at UUM, i believed he had no qualms at going the extra mile in his studies to enjoy the fruits of his labor today.


* * *




enjoy this moving video ‘produced’ by yong, my eldest sis and his beloved wife and mama to his four children.



congratulations again, may this success be an inspiration for his children haiqal, haiqeem, husna and adam harris in reaching their goals one day!




…and of course, behind every successful man, is a wife cheering him on…


nurbeena said...

Tahniah pd abg ipar Syigim. Smga menjadi cth terbaik pd anak2

amirah said...

wow..terbaek! tahniah..selalunya married couple will excel and do very well in their studies kan..walaupun busy dgn family tp ttp cemerlang..salute

Yong said...

syigim...thanks for this entry... as always, a very good read... love it :))

M.Hussin said...

Thank you syigim, much appreciated! huhu

Hidayah Ismawi said...

Congrats to your brother in law.. what an inspiration :)Great vid by your sis PS: I LOVE this song .. always makes me want to get out there and do something hehe

Anonymous said...

"…and of course, behind every successful man, is a wife cheering him on…"

Syigim said...

>> nurbeena, terima kasih :) insyaAllah doakan kita2 ni jugak boleh jadi inspirasi utk anak2 kita :)

>> amirah, terima kasih :) alhamdulillah, bole multi-tasking hihi

Syigim said...

>> yong & abg mat, of course it's a good read duuuh :P YOU GUYS OWE ME ONE!

Syigim said...

>> hidayah, dont do things i wont do! hahaha... yeah, very membara2 song kan? also the way he sang it...

>> eis, mesti la kalau dpt award/oscar/mtv awards kena terima kasih wife/hubby dulu! haha...

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