Sunday, October 2, 2011

Facebook Should Have These Buttons!


i know a lot of us would love that ‘dislike’ button. sure i need that button when my sisters write status updates about going makan-makan with abah to yummy places - without me! haha. and my facebook friends who has ANY MALAYSIAN FOOD in their facebook status, will get a ‘dislike’ from me too! haha.


and tell me how many times you want to click ‘like’ a hundred times when you see a quote that’s really meaningful, or a status about an event you really enjoyed, or even a youtube clip of a favorite song – the ‘love’ button would help a lot! and of course, when your husband/fiance/boyfriend writes the sweetest words on facebook, it’s time to click ‘love’!



i have a lot of facebook friends who are teachers. most of them are very dedicated to their work, and enjoyed posting status updates about their activities, and occasionally give inspirational advice and support to their students. SADLY, there are a few ‘bad apples’ who spoiled the bunch – teachers whose status updates are colored by their complaints. complain, complain, complain!

these statuses deserve a ‘hate’ button!

also – hey, i have my own preference when it comes to political party. i know so do you. the problem with us these days is that we like to KUTUK other parties instead of saying something good about the party that you support. hate!

let’s respect each other!


this is a cute one. someone scores in SPM. a promotion. trying new recipes. baby boy starts walking. successfully flew thousands of miles with 3 kids (me! hihi) will get an ‘applaud’! i would really love this button!

*stare creepily* & *throw tomatoes*

the funny ones would be ‘stare creepily’ and ‘throw tomatoes’! hihi. i’d click ‘throw tomatoes’ when anyone mentions twilight in their facebook status…


amirah said...

hihi..kalo ada kan ke best...ntah2 tetiba facebook keluarkan item2 tu

Fara said...

that is so cute kann.. agaknye baru lah i tak boring kot hehe

Syigim said...

>> amirah, paling suka button 'dislike' tu. dah ade 'like' kenalah ade 'dislike' kan hihi

>> fara, mmg cute esp 'throw tomatoes' tu. ;)

transformed housewife said...

nanti byk sgt dpt throw tomatoes mcmmana? hehe

Anonymous said...

kdg2 berita ngeri2 pun org like. padah sbb takde button dislike huehue. ahaha comellah baling tomato :D

Affieza said...

Great idea...hehe

Syigim said...

>> kak nur, takpe tomato sedap :) hihi

>> eis, betul! contoh yg bagus. kalau ade berita tragedi, boleh la dislike kan..

Syigim said...

affieza, mmg best idea ni, tp takut xcukup tempat sbb nak taruh byk sgt button hihi..

lina said...

salam syigim - boleh je nak add new button....kalau tak nak displayed byk buat dropdown list. user can select the mood base on what they wish to be. kak lina mcm staff FB pulak tolong jawap ukt syigim..ngeh..ngeh.

Syigim said...

hihi, kak lina brape komisen dpt tu from mark zuckerberg? ;)

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