Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Mysuperkids iPad Contest : Final Challenge

to my fellow iPad seekers from mysuperkids dot net - the final challenge of the iPad contest is OUT! (like a week ago haha) thank you so much anis for informing me about this, or else i'd definitely lose out!

there are FOUR challenges this time around - yeap, organizer mommy lina decided to bombard our creativity with four challenges at one go! this is IT! however these challenges can be completed in random order, and done at any time before the due date on 31st december 2011.

challenge #3 : natural, or semulajadi
challenge #4 : health, or kesihatan
challenge #5 : clothing, or pakaian
challenge #6 : internet

click here for full list.

winner of this challenge will finally receive the grand prize - iPad - and the rest of us hopefully will get some other awesome tidbits. hihi.

to me, the greatest challenge would be trying to be as creative as possible, as the topic for each challenge is so broad. it's only ONE word, and could be interpreted in many ways, from all sorts of angle.

at this point, i not only wish the contestants GOOD LUCK, but i also wish the same to mommy lina in picking out the ultimate winner in the end! 4 challenges each from so many bloggers - that's gotta be tough just trying to read 'em all!


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