Monday, October 31, 2011

Kahfi & Kazim’s Emirates ID : Finally!

“congratulations. you have just received your new UAE national identity card. this is your official identification in the united arab emirates.”

just like our MyCard, the emirates ID also has many functions - driving licences, work permits, employee cards, passports – all in one single identity card. kahfi and kazim finally got theirs a few days ago. so comel!



for ANY information you need on emirates ID, go to emirates identity authority (EIDA) official website – how to apply, where and how long, click here. you can also check the status of your emirates ID application on that site.

you can also check out here for a quick how-to-apply, complete with fees in straighforward point-form.


Hanis MY said...

Comel! Bestnya dpt id kad tu.. Lesen pun included sgt convenient

Syigim said...

hanis, mmg best lesen & workin visa suma masuk dlm id kad ni, tp yg budak2 umur 2-3 tahun ni nk amik lesen ape ye. hihi

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