Thursday, October 6, 2011

It's Jummuah : Muslim Parody of Rebecca Black's Friday!

familiar with the infamous youtube clip of rebecca black's 'friday' that has people labelling it the worse idiotic song ever? here's a brilliant spin on that song - done muslim style. total coolness!

enjoy the clip! oh, and salam Jumuah everyone!

it's Jumuah!

7am waking up for fajr
gotta make wudu', gotta pray my sunnah
gotta make ghusl, gotta clip my nails
looking outside, the sun is rising
up the sky, and everybody's rushing
gotta get down to the masjid
gotta say salam to the imam

sitting in the first saff, or
chilling at the back saff
gotta make my mind up
do i want the ajr?

it's Jumuah, Jumuah
gotta make dhikr on Jumuah
everybody is reading suratul Kahf, Kahf (2x)

miswaking, miswaking yeah!
miswaking, miswaking yeah!
pray pray pray pray
gotta read suratul Kahf

12:45 the imam's on the minbar
talkin bout something like fiqh or zakat
there's whispering, chattering from the crowd
don't they know that it's haram?

i stand up, you stand up
prayer's about to start yeah!
foot to foot, shoulder to shoulder
just don't step on me!


last week i had a heartburn (from after Jumuah lunch)
this week i am skipping (on after Jumuah lunch)
i'm on a diet, a veggie diet
just gonna have some hummus today

and when i try to leave the masjid, an uncle stops me
and rubs some itar on my cheeks

ready, go!
pakistani, hindustani, senagalese
we see them all Jumuah prayer looking for keys
to Jannah, coz that is the goal
making dhikr, giving sadaqah, they trying to be whole
no matter who you are, you gotta come to pray
gotta greet your brothers, who you see in the day
so put your kufi and roll up your pants
it's the day of Jumuah, don't pass up the chance!


click here for the original song/video. personally the song is kinda catchy - too bad it has bad singing and bad lines - like, wow i never knew if it's saturday, sunday comes afterwards! and thursday comes before friday. and which seat to take in the car can be such a global issue. what breakthrough lyrics! nyeh nyeh.


transformed housewife said...

Brilliant spin from that absurd FRIDAY. NICE!

Syigim said...

kan kak nur? it's really hip & so now! ;)

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