Thursday, October 27, 2011

Crispy Masala Dosa Ghee @ Saravanaa Bhavan

on the festive occasion of deepavali (diwali), i’ll post about this great vegetarian indian restaurant we love in dubai.

while in malaysia, i was never a fan of tose (in dubai it’s called dosa) like mr. khairul is. however, i can’t help but get hooked to this tose ghee (dosa ghee) in dubai at saravanaa bhavan. the taste, the texture – amazing. it has turned a non-fan into a must-order-this fan!


saravanaa bhavan is an indian vegetarian restaurant offering authentic indian cuisine – dosa (tose), uthappam, idly, aapam, naan and my favorite roti canai or parotta. from roti to rice – they’ve got it.

click here for full menu of the branch in dubai. the one we went today was in karama.



and hey, not only does it have a branch all over a few middle east countries, USA, canada, and singapore – it also has a few branches in our very own malaysia. in fact, one of the indian staff we met can speak very good malay as he had worked in the malaysia branch for about 3 years previously.

senang sikit nak order!

the other staff are also very friendly, and ready to help when you need them. at times too friendly haha, as they enjoy playing with khaleef and disturbing kahfi!



i love the interior of course – the seats are yellow! hihi the spaces between seats seemed narrow but the place itself actually looked quite spacious. it’s clean and doesn’t smell too much like curry haha.


* * *


khaleef with his favorite – roti canai, with a little bit of sugar. the roti canai here is tasty and delicious, but not as fluffy as the one in ‘green city’ and ‘appa kadai’.


kahfi gettin messy with his roti canai dip in sugar


tada ~ now THIS is mr. khairul’s favorite – the masala dosa ghee – and he has lured me into liking it too although i’m not originally a fan of tose/dosa!


the masala dosa is served with a few dippings – the one i like is this dip made from coconut, and it’s made spicy. something like the white one on the left picture, but it’s peach in color because of the spice. delicious!



now what is masala dosa ghee? you all know the plain dosa (tose) right? and it wouldn’t be super crispy and awesomely salty without the ghee. and they make it so big, and thin and delightfully crispy!

now the masala part? a masala dosa is made by stuffing a dosa with a lightly cooked filling of potatoes, fried onions and spices.


the dosa ghee, with the potato masala in the middle


my picture doesn’t do justice to the awesome taste of this dish!

the potato stuffing in my pictures may look like the portion is small – but actually they lump A LOT of potatoes in one masala dosa ghee, right in the middle. it’s really a very filling vegetarian indian dish.

the potato stuffing is delicious, and the texture is like mashed potato. a wonderful contrast to the very crispy dosa ghee. really, it’s yummy – the crispy dosa ghee and the mashed spiced potato filling!

wash it down with a glass of chai (tea with milk) and you’d have a complete meal!



the masala dosa ghee. try it the next time you’re thinking of having a nice vegetarian indian dish. it’s really good, really filling! kenyang weh.


E'sha said...

Ur number 2 sgt chumel la dgn rambut style gitu... :) Syigim do entry semua psl mkn2, tp badan x naik jgk. BESTnyer...

Liz Rohaizat said...

bersihnya restoran tu. tak mcm kedai mamak kat sini. hehehe... definitely ada bau kari.

sedapnya tosai. masa bujang dulu, every week mak mesti nak pergi beli kat satu kedai ni. mmg sedap!

amirah said...

eee kak...comelnya rambut kahfi..admire gila!hehe..tose, seriously i'm not a fan...tktau nape tp tkleh nk tktaula plak kalo mkn kat saravanaa bhavan ni..nmpk tempting gila

lil sharky said...

I like eating tose, but have not tried the tose ghee.
Looks like your sons can 'geng' with me bcoz sometimes I do eat my roti canai with sugar.

Syigim said...

>> kak norisa, anak no 2 mmg sgt comel (fakta : gim pun anak no2 hahaha) badan xnaik? mmg xnaik, mengembang je. hohoho

>> liz, kedai mmg bersih. staff pun smartly dressed. tu yg drpd xminat terus jadi minat kat tose diorang haha

Syigim said...

>> amirah, kak pun xminat tose. tp yg kat sini mmg sedap, sbb tose ghee ni rangup! sedap sgt!

>> lil sharky, the diff is tose ghee is crispy! yum! :) do try it next time..

kadang2 makan roti canai with sugar mmg best :)

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