Saturday, October 22, 2011

Congrats Nash & Syida : Engaged!

last month, my youngest sister azot went through the merisik process, and last saturday, my second youngest sister got engaged – to long-time sweetheart nash.

congratulations! you guys looked lovely together! sob sob *tears of joy*

i think it all started as an office-warfare gone wrong – because they ended up falling for each other! *blink blink*. girl meets boy at office, boy acts obnoxious, girl annoyed with boy. girl and boy thrown into the same project. girl and boy got to talking. girl and boy discover lots of similarity.

..and then love happens.


nash & syida ~ engaged to be married!


my family and nash’s family met in mutual understanding of their daughter and son’s love for each other huhu, and so officiating the engagement ceremony with the engagement ring, fixed firmly by nash’s mom onto my sister’s trembling fingers hihi.



my abah in green batik shirt & nash’s abah in brown batik shirt


* * *


the pictures are uneven because i wasn’t there! sob sob.


love this picture of my sisters ~ from left : azot, yong, bride-to-be syida & syimot


* * *


always there for us ~ syida with my mak’s siblings – cu, syida, auntyna & cik


* * *


si darah-darah manis masin kelat-kelat. haha. faiz, nash, syida & azi. apsal org selalu cakap ‘darah manis’ ye? vampire ape!


future brides and grooms in the picture above : insyaAllah nash and syida in april; and faiz and azot in december. may Allah grant us smooth-sailing days ahead till the big day comes. amin.

hmm. just realized that all abah’s sons-in-law wear glasses. every single one. abg mat (yong’s) wears glasses. my mr. khairul wears glasses. din (syimot’s) wears glasses. and both my future bros-in-law also wear glasses – just like abah.

interestingly, NONE of us girls anak abah need to wear glasses. hihi. yet. alhamdulillah.


* * *

…and then somebody called all the way from DUBAI!






my family : mom’s side : miss them so much!!! wait for me, be coming back in april, insyaAllah!

* * *

this is just the beginning of wedding-planning. don’t fret too much, because it’s not just the wedding that we want to have in all its grandeur – it’s the *marriage* that is more priceless. happy hunting for more hantaran stuff (i’m doing a little hunting here in dubai myself hoho), have fun, take it easy and i’ll see you in april!


lil sharky said...

Alhamdulillah and congratulations on the engagement.

amirah said...

congrats adik kak syigim

Silent Scribbler said...

Congrats to your sis for her engagement. Adik lelaki i pun bertunang this weekend. Sedih jugak tak dpt attend kan? :-)

Syigim said...

thanks girls :) alhamdulillah.

>> aisha, congrats to ur bro too! mmg sedih! sigh, you know how i feel kan...

hope can make it for the weddings next yr!

E'sha said...

Tahniah syigim, for the new addition to the family... :)

Syigim said...

>> thanks kak norisa, diorang kawen nanti musti dtg ok! :)

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