Saturday, October 29, 2011

Sharks Sighting @ Jumeirah Beach?

'sharks spotted at jumeirah beach'? reading this news is somewhat shocking, and exciting at the same time (since there haven't been any fatal attacks or death). jumeirah beach is the long stretch of beach along dubai, and it's right by our apartment. jalan kaki je!

it was reported that the lifeguard spotted what looked like a SHARK, two of them in the waters - not just any shark, but a hammerhead shark. he gave out an immediate warning, rushing people out of the waters to avoid any mishaps.

funny thing was, the crowd went back into the water as soon as the beach patrol cars left the beach. aren't they afraid of shark attack? i'll tell you why later!

click here for full news from 7days.

'bruce' the shark from 'finding nemo', with his other shark friends - one of them is the hammerhead shark

hammerhead shark is the shark with the funny head, with eyes that can see both up and down at the same time!

now let me tell you why the crowd seemed undisturbed with the shark warning, and was not afraid to go back in the waters - it's a known fact that hammerhead sharks are the least dangerous type of shark there is.


a shark that's NOT dangerous to human? really? i didn't know that!

it turns out that

  1. out of 9 species of hammerhead shark, only 3 are dangerous
  2. hammerhead sharks rarely attack people
  3. known to be the least aggressive of all sharks
  4. this type of shark is least likely to harm humans unless provoked
  5. favorite food is stingray! also eats crabs, squids and lobsters
  6. can grow up to 4m long
  7. the most dangerous sharks are the great white shark, the tiger shark, and the bull shark. stay away!

meanwhile, marine experts are excited with these reports, since hammerhead sharks are said to be under threat of being an endangered animal (their fins are larger, they're hunt for this expensive delicacy. stop eating shark's fin!).

they say that it's good that hammerhead sharks are spotted here because that means that the gulf waters are attracting marine life, and naturally predators too. a whole new environment is created somewhere down below.

* * *

just be careful and always on the alert when you're out swimming. if it's not shark, it could be sea-snake. if not that, then it could be the strong current and huge waves. we're the one going into their domain. we're swimming at their turf. it's THEIR home. seeing them there shouldn't be much of a shock, so we're the ones who must be cautious.

oh well, after all this talk - someone had actually said it could've been just a plastic bag floating in the water! click here.


Mother of Two said...

last time pun mmg ada org nampak shark. tapi katanya yg tak gigit org kalau mandi laut paling takut kalau naga yg gigit...huhuhu

Liz Rohaizat said...

isk, tak kesah la gigit org ke tak tapi kalau saya ada kat sana, tetap taknak turun ke pantai. hehehe... takut punya pasal

amirah said...

takut nak masuk air laut..huhu

Syigim said...

sheila... lama hang tak mai sini naaa... hihi... syigim pulak - takut air. abih citer. so jaws ke, naga ke, penyu ke... memang takut nk mandi laut! :P

Syigim said...

>> liz, betul! gigit tak gigit - kak mmg takut air.. dah le xtau swim... :P

>> amirah, celup2 kaki kat tepi2 pantai je berani la kot ;)

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