Sunday, October 16, 2011

For Teachers of the World & Cikgu Cabuk

i am a teacher, did you know that?

i’ve never been a school teacher, but i’ve been a lecturer at a hospitality college, and then a magazine editor, and then a mentor at a kids’ development center (best job in the world!). so i teach. and i know what comes with teaching. a teacher friend of mine once said, “gim, you’re teaching kids. all cutesy stuff. it’s different than teaching teenage boys.”

i agree, it’s DIFFERENT. but the challenges and obstacles are nowhere more or less. i’ve taught teenage boys and girls before. and then i’ve taught little kids. believe me, all has its ups and downs, highs and lows.

..but i love each teaching moment!

* * *

found this floating over facebook today, LOVE it! :


i stumbled upon a blog once, belonging to a TEACHER. when she wrote about her job, she simply wrote : “cikgu cabuk aje.”


this, coming from a teacher. i don’t know whether to be angry, or to cry. or to lower my head in shame for this fellow educator who is belittling this noble profession; her OWN profession. why the heck are you a teacher in the first place?!

be PROUD that you are a teacher. because god knows you’re doing so much more than just teaching. you’re touching people’s lives. you’re moulding young minds. you’re inspiring future leaders.

i dedicate this to cikgu cabuk, may you LEARN something today.


amirah said...

love this post..

A. Husni said...

true syigim,

just watch this link,

truly inspiring!


Syigim said...

>> amirah, best kan :)

>> azmir, thanks for sharing the very touching clip :) truly, teachers are learning from their students every day.... :)

ICA said...

dear, in a way mothers are teachers too. I can identify myself when I baca the list tu...cuma I am not teaching other kids but my very own...and some days...memang challenging betoi.

hugs to the boys yaa....:))

wawajoe said...

I love this post and gonna use it with my fellow teachers in IIS. Boleh kan? Some of them need to be reminded why they are called Teachers!

Syigim said...

>> dear ica, oh my, mothers are teachers AND so much more!!! tak tersebut! :))

cheers to us mommies!

>> kak wawa, lama xjenguk eh? ;)pls, i'm more than happy if u wanna share this :)

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