Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Lovely Perak Royal Family

forget william and kate middleton – the state of Perak, Malaysia has an equally gorgeous, and intelligent royal couple too – and they already have heirs to the throne!

stumbled upon this lovely informal family photo of Perak’s raja muda (next in line) Raja Dr Nazrin Shah, and raja puan besar perak, Tuanku Zara Salim and their two children. the royal couple is already so beautiful together – add another two royal kiddo and it’s picture perfect!




that’s the royal couple's nine-month old princess Raja Nazira Safya as well as their prince, Raja Azlan Muzaffar Shah, who is 4 years old. owh my, he’s already breaking hearts with that little smile! and that little princess would definitely be as gorgeous as mom and dad!

a real life prince charming!



found this shot at NST (new straits times) according to NST, at the time this photo was taken,

“..Raja Azlan Muzaffar Shah, who was accompanied by a palace assistant, was coming down the stairs from the Balairong Seni to the Dewan Santapan in Istana Iskandariah here after the end of the investiture ceremony in conjunction with Sultan of Perak, Sultan Azlan Shah's 84th birthday.”

it’s SO cute that he’s shy! i hope he grows up having the regal debonair of his grandfather, the brains of his dad, the beauty of his mother and the humility of his late uncle.

read the full story here at NST.



yes, isn’t it obvious that i’m a proud perakian? i was born and raised in ipoh all my life! (miss ipoh!) the perak royal family has always been a beautiful one – with a grandpa like the dashing Sultan Azlan Shah, how can the grandson NOT be so cute!



this is a black and white photo of Sultan Azlan Shah (aged 21) published in the Sunday Times on January 1, 1950 with the caption, “Ruler’s son to be law student.” handsome kan! (Photo:



daulat tuanku! and may Allah bless our state of Perak with everlasting peace and prosperity!


dwimaya said...

suka nya! :D suka entry, suka tgk gmbr cantik dan comel of the family, suke semua!

ICA said...

Love this entry....Superb!!!

Ros Ibrahim said...

i baru tau the cute prince was born 17 days before Izzah (same month, same year) ;D

Mokteh said...

Beautiful family. I've always admire Perak's royalties - good looking.

amirah said...

true. lovely royal (a proud perakian) admiring them too

Syigim said...

>> yus, mmg xpuas2 pandang keluarga diraja ni. lawa sgt!

>> ica, i love it too! hihi :)

Syigim said...

>> kak ros, amboiii deat2 bday dgn putera raja....ade jodoh ka? ;)

>> mokteh, welcome n thanks for the comment :) perak royalties are beautiful - frm the atuk to the cucu :)

Syigim said...

>> amirah, sama2 proud perakian yeahhhh *high 5*

QiStinA's said...

satu family handsome n lawa...suka tengok...

transformed housewife said...

a nice royal family. always admire Perak's royal family.

Hanis MY said...

lovely royal family suka suka!

Syigim said...

>> kak moi, syigim pun xjemu2 menatap gamba family diorang ni!

>> kak nur, admire dr duluuuu esp masa raja nzrin muda2 dulu! hihi

Syigim said...

hanis, mmg lovely sgt!! handsome lawa cerdik pandai!

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