Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Yummy Sotong Goreng Tepung @ Muhibbah Seafood

it was our final makan-makan before i went back to dubai last april.

(i kept the post till today, coz i miss home so much, and just wanna keep writing about ‘em even as i’m back in dubai…)

abah suggested this place at sungai penchala serving chinese food called ‘muhibbah seafood’. it’s like a huge bungalow – spacious, white and looks like a dining hall rather than a restaurant. in fact, they offer to hold weddings or corporate dinner there too.

we parked by the roadside in front of the restaurant, and i think there are staff over there to assist.


my youngest sis did all the ordering!


the seats give a certain garden-party look, though. and the very green table cloth doesn’t help! i didn’t say it looks ugly – just reminded me of patio furnitures…


* * *


this black pepper beef looks more delicious than it actually taste. slightly bland, it could use a little more salt! has high potential but just barely!


asparagus with belacan was good. the veggie was fresh, and not that spicy which is fine by me! fresh and crunchy.


ikan tiga rasa (fish with 3 key-ingredients, maybe? haha) the fish is well-fried – crunchy on the outside, and the flesh is tender and juicy on the inside.


steamed fish was delicious. highly-recommended.


i’m not that into prawns, but this dish is tasty! really juicy and well-marinated. must-order too! i mean, cammon – recommended by someone who DOES NOT even like prawn, and this dish was too tantalizing to ignore, made me wanna try? that’s gotta be something!


not the best lemon-chicken i’ve ever tasted, because the batter-fried chicken is not as crunchy as i hoped, but it’s still a good dish. what can i say, i’m a fan of lemon chicken far and wide!



okay, this doesn’t look too inviting, but i’m telling you this was one of the best sotong goreng tepung (fried calamari) ever. it’s in the flour that makes it so crunchy and tasty. the texture is just perfect too.

tomyam is tomyam – it’s delicious, able to satisfy any fans of tomyam. the portion is acceptably huge, and can be shared. what else is left to say?


* * *


from left : the newlyweds my sis syidot, her *HUBS* nash, abah, umi and my youngest sis (future bride) azot


also joining us : my bro-in-law din, micha, my sis syimot & cuya


the whole family!


khaleef with atok *smile* ~miss you, abah. i’m coming home soon! again! haha.


Sparkly Sharky said...

Oh dear, you are making me hungry.
The dishes look so yummy! Terliur....

transformed housewife said...

We've tried that restaurant before. We went there with my SIL. Yup the food is quite nice.

Liz Rohaizat said...

jauhnya. kalau tak, boleh merasa!
gambar2 tu seperti biasa, buat saya terliur. hehehe

Syigim said...

>> sparkly sharky, you can easily get chinese food over there.... not like me... waaaa... miss msia!

>> kak nur, sotong goreng tepung tu je yg syigim minat :) the rest not bad :)

Syigim said...

liz, chinese muslim food merata sekarang ni kat klang valley, senang je nk cari! ;)

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