Monday, May 14, 2012

10 Reasons Why I Love Being a Mum

1. i can always blame my extra pound (especially my muffin top in the tummy area) on motherhood instead of those choc cakes i have been indulging in!

that’s what i said when mr. khairul playfully made fun of my ‘extra pound’ – “hellowww, anak tiga ok? what’s your excuse?” hihi.

2. if i had my boy with me when we’re spotted playing with toys in a toy shop, i get the ‘aww, so sweet’ looks from onlookers.

because if i were to do that alone, i get the 'that’s creepy’ or ‘that’s just sad’ looks. haha. coz sometimes you just wanna press all that colorful musical buttons on a yellow bus with barney the purple dinosaur on board…

3. who needs a gym membership when you can get a wonderful workout running after a laughing bundle of endless energy? 

carrying them will build your arm muscles, and bending over picking up their toys is practically sit-ups already! toned tummy in no time! want a good jog and a nice run? let your kids loose in a shopping mall, i guarantee a few pounds lost…

4. when we travel, i get treated like a VIP. we’re allowed to jump queues and are given better seats.

so far when we travel, we’ve never been given better seats than what we’ve gotten (which was always good enough), BUT of course older passengers and passengers travelling WITH KIDS always get in first on the plane!

and yes, in dubai airport, the arab officers in kandoora are always kind and considerate to move us to a shorter line so that we don’t have to stay in line for too long. but sadly, this was not the case in indonesia. nangis la macam mana pun, pegawai kat situ buat tak tau je

5. with my kids’ smiling face and curious stare, i don’t need to think of any ice-breakers when i want to make friends or start conversations with strangers.

this is very true for me. khaleef’s antics in school. the cheeky stuff kahfi does at home. kazim’s eating habits. ANYTHING goes. anything can be an interesting topic. kahfi was jumping while we’re in an elevator, and even THAT can be an opening for a topic!

but i remember never to over-do the owh-my-son-did-this-cute-thing story. sometimes people get bored! haha. sikit-sikit dah le, mummy! move on to another topic, shall we?

6. i don’t need any excuses for turning up late at a party. i just have to seem hurried and look at my kid with total exasperation.

haha. so true again! i think that’s one of our quotes in the car when we’re late for something. “kita ade anak kecik, mesti diorang paham kenapa lambat.” haha. i know having kids is no excuse to always be late, but i’m just saying that KIDDOS can save us WHEN we’re late! haha.

having said that, “sorry ye, anak mengamuk ni.” kiddos can also save you if you wanted to leave early…

7. “it’s all for him.” i can stock up my pantry with lots of goodies without feeling guilty.

big box of oreos. one tub of ben & jerry’s. really long bar of chocolate. yah, for the boys. *roll eyes*

8. there’s always a good excuse to have kapal-karam house when guests drop by for a visit. they always forgive you. well, pardon the mess ya. it’s the kids, you see… *wink wink*

9. my boys provide enough entertainment for years to come. kahfi’s silly faces and those adorable sepet eyes, the darnest things khaleef says or kazim trying on bapak’s huge sunglasses – anything can provide laughter for the whole family. no need maharaja lawak mega or mr. bean!

owh, and no need for sinetron too – i’ve got three drama kings as it is…

10. i don’t need cuddly stuffed animals, or a teddy bear. snuggling up with my boys are warm and comforting enough. *hugs!*

* * *

the ones in bold and italics are the actual points from the column ‘take 10’ in the dubai magazine ‘friday’, written by ‘sheryl sidharth das’. the rest is my take on the list. thank you for your wonderfully amusing list!

mums rock!


Nadiah Sidek said...

haha..i like! by the way, ingatkan 1st reason tu orang mengandung je boleh pakai. never thought of that. hihi..

amirah said...

true true!!

Hanis MY said...

hehe best2!

Zulaikha Mohamad said...

Hahahaha.. so true!! :-)

Syigim said...

>> nadiah, reason tu sampai bila2 pun bole pakai as long as dah beranak pinak hihihihi

>> amirah, betul kan! best jadi mommy ni hihi

Syigim said...

>> hanis, future mom kan? good luck!

>> zulaikha, semua point kenaaaa je kan ;)

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