Monday, May 21, 2012

Indo Dishes in Bumbu Desa @ Alamanda, Putrajaya

if ever you wanted to have delicious indonesian dishes in putrajaya, head on to alamanda – there’s a lovely little place called ‘bumbu desa’ that you just have to try.

the place is nicely decorated with indonesian motif, has relaxing indonesian intrumentals and the food presentation is the best. a bit pricey, but you not only pay for the tasty lauk, but comfort and ambiance too!

we came here recently on our trip back to malaysia. it was the day we caught the movie ‘avengers’. just the two us. casual dining at an indonesian restaurant, and a movie afterwards. nice.


bumbu desa is right next to garden, if i’m not mistaken


this was the ‘food presentation’ that i was talking about. at first i thought it was a buffet table, but it’s actually a spread of all the yummy dishes this restaurant can cook up.

we have a look-see, we choose what we like, tell the waiter, take our seat, and the staff will bring a bowl or plate of that dish to our table. and i tell you, the dishes are all looking SO mouth-watering!


the food-spread for patrons to choose from

we took this. gulai daun singkong. it’s some kind of leaf cooked in coconut milk. one of my favorite indonesian dishes. indescribable yumness.


i had this. ayam bakar (grilled chicken) with sweet soy sauce. yum, but i didn't like the chili sauce they added on top of the chicken. but the texture and taste – yum again!



mr. khairul’s favorite tidbits at an indonesian restaurant – tempe goreng. though i’m not a fan, i must say the tempe at ‘bumbu desa’ is freshly fried, making them hot and crispy. a nice addition.


brrr. aku memang tak tahan pedas, so this is clearly for mr. khairul. even looking at it i can feel the spiciness at the tip of my tongue! i usually avoid the green one then most!


a must-have for my khairul. never going without when he ate at an indonesian restaurant. some call it 'kelikir', some gulai 'kaki sapi'. to me, the texture of it that perplexed me the most. it’s like gummy bear, but it’s softer and not that liat. and a bit like a hardened jelly too. weird!


love, love, love the rice container!


* * *


huge poster of one indon pakcik on the wall. there’s another one of a really lepak-looking makcik with kain batik on her head, on the other wall. it’s black and white, giving a classic feel.


i love the interior decor. the tikar-mengkuang ceiling. the wooden flooring. the wayang-kulit dolls on the walls. simply beautiful. what’s interesting to note is that the tables are not the same design. they’re all wooden table but some looked modern and contemporary, while some others look like they’re antique. that’s a unique touch, making them different like that!



i would recommend this restaurant to fans of indonesian dishes, because they’ve got delicious lauk here. however, it could be a little pricey – but you do get your money’s worth! semua sedap!


strawberi said...

singkong tu..ubi kayu..tu lebih kurang masak lemak pucuk ubi la agaknya tuh..mknn org indo mmg pedas much utk buffet situ jugak mkn sana..mesti tingat mknn kt jakarta..hikss

Affieza said...

Meriah betul menu2 kat sini...

Syigim said...

>> strawberi, masakan indo mcm gulai ke ape ke xpedas sgt, tp sambal diorang tu yg mmg pedas! ;)

>> affieza, mmg rambang mata nk pilih apa nak makan sbb semua nampak fresh & sedap :)

amirah said...

indonesian food memang meriah...

Syigim said...

amirah, meriah & mengenyangkan! :) mmg minat makanan indon :)

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