Saturday, May 19, 2012

Specky Khaleef : Tips for Kids to Handle Spectacles

it started off with a red-eye, took him to an eye-doc and while checking his red-eye, the doc also checks his sight – and that’s when we were officially told that khaleef needs glasses. rabun jauh.

no denying it anymore.

power : 180. kesian anak mak.

he has never complained about not being able to see clearly at school, but we did notice him standing too close to the TV when he watched cartoon or played x-box. sigh, i have only myself to blame for letting him stand THAT close, THAT long – tv, notebook monitor or ipad!




we checked him up in a hospital in dubai, and got the prescription, but ended up buying two pairs of spectacles in ipoh – cheaper!

khaleef was excited to get his first pair of spectacles, which makes me more sebak – was he in pain all these while, squinting and straining his eyes to see clearly? kesian!

but no matter – now he already got a pair!




* * *



first check-up at medcare hospital, dubai


* * *



tips to buy spectacles for kids :

  1. 2 things must come to mind : safety, and durability – something that will last
  2. choose specs with spring, that lets the frame’s temple bend in both direction
  3. plastic frames may be a better choice for children because they tahan lama, less likely to be bent or broken, and most of all lighter in weight – senang budak-budak nak handle.
  4. assure the right fit – strapped nicely around your kid’s head, right on the nose, and most importantly, doesn’t fall off when he’s playing and jumping and well, when simply being a kid!
  5. make them part of the search for spectacles. let them choose. let them try a few on. look in the mirror. strike a pose. make it fun, and let them decide. it's important for kids to feel that they are a part of the frame selection process so that they will feel more attached to it, thus will take good care of it!
  6. finally, of course – be prepared! so get a back-up spectacles, just in case. kids, you see – you never know!


this is khaleef’s back-up spectacles


taking care of your spectacles – for kids!

1. cleaning and maintaining their glasses

dirt and dust will be normal so help your kid to clean his glasses carefully. make sure he has a proper cleaning cloth, like the one that comes in the box with the specs. teach him how to scrub his lense carefully, and maybe even create a routine – wipe his specs everyday before bedtime, perhaps?

for now, i’m still the one cleaning khaleef’s specs. haven’t let him do it himself yet!

2. how to hold the spectacles?

whether he is putting on or removing his glasses, make sure he doesn’t touch the lenses with his fingers. remind him/her to hold the frames.

also remind him to hold the specs with BOTH hands when putting or removing, so that it will not bend. this part, i can see that he’s really careful with.

his friends may be curious which is normal, but we as parents need to remind him that letting his friends handle his specs might not be a good idea, as many mishaps could happen! however, khaleef was not the first boy to wear glasses in his class, so his classmates are already used to classmates wearing glasses in class!


3. set a routine or good practice

like i wrote earlier, set a time to clean his specs, like before bedtime or before going off to school in the morning.

also set a regular practice on WHERE to keep his specs when he wants to take a bath, play sports or go to sleep. is it on the dining table? in his drawer? or on top of the bookshelf? does he have a box to keep his specs? all this will create a pattern that will help your kid to keep his spectacles better.

khaleef DOES have a green ben10 box to keep his spectacles, but i have caught him many times simply placing them on the bed! and on the couch – places where people can easily sit on, or terpelanting! adoi.


4. set good example!

mr. khairul wears glasses in this family. i don’t. so i always remind mr. khairul to share his experiences with khaleef. i want him to remind khaleef about the do’s and don’ts of wearing specs. i want him to show khaleef the right way to hold them – because he’s the one who’s been wearing spectacles since he’s 9 years old.

when khaleef sees how his father handles his spectacles, he would naturally falls into the same habit, because he feels he can relate to his father who also wears spectacles.

(the problem is, sometimes, it’s mr. khairul who would be heard shouting, “sayangggg mana i letak spek tadi? nampak tak?” *tepuk dahi!*)


* * *


any other experience to share about your kids wearing spectacles? do share!


Anonymous said...

last para ~ funny.

your other half.

aDyLLa OmaR said...

teringat at Ipoh last time, kahfi cuba nak patahkan spec khaleef. lepas tu khaleef lempang muka dia sekali, terus nangis. pastu bagi ktorang bagi ipad kat kahfi nak pujuk dia, terus senyap.

ahaha adorable!

transformed housewife said...

must make sure if any of my kids has the tendency to wear spectacles. My hubby also wears spectacles since he was 13.

Balkis said...

so cute Khaleef with his specs. bagus u share ni sbb anak2 skarang ni awal2 umur dah expose pd bende2 yang boleh bagi stress pd mata including my son. So if dah ada sign perlukan spec kita parents lebih ready dan tau apa nk buat.

amirah said...

cute la khaleef pakai spec. kdng2 kita memang x perasaan kan kalau small kids dah rabun sbb dorang susah nak bagitau..

isabelle said...

o yeah...
sometimes we feel guilty, keep blaming ourselves.
*sigh* my parents feel the same, when i had to wear glasses at the age of 11?haha

Syigim said...

>> honey, gelak2 tapi u still need to have that 'specs- talk' with khaleef! ;)

>> dylla, alhamdulillah now takde dah scene2 nk patahkan spek or whatever.. :)

Syigim said...

>> kak nur, we were in denial, took him for check-uponly when he's got eye-infection! no matter, yg penting dah check n tau. kak nur, hopefully ur girls won't need them!

>> balkis, thanks for ur lovely comment. nasib muka comel pakai spek hihihihi...

Syigim said...

>> amirah, betul...budak2 ni bila kita tanya pun diorang susah nk xplain, ke kita yg susah nk faham! ;)

>> isabelle, our kiddos live in a time where electronic items are so easily available to them! blame game is over, now i must focus on specs-maintainance! hihi

Unknown said...

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