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The Avengers : Who is Most Powerful Superhero?

mr. khairul and i caught 'the avengers' on its opening day while still in malaysia because 1) it's OPENING day of the hottest movie of the year 'the avengers', 2) my in-laws were babysitting the boys (thank you sofia!) so this was our rare chance to go on a movie-date at the cinema watching something without any cartoon characters in them, and 3) two tickets in malaysia cinema are even cheaper than one cinema ticket in dubai, i kid you not.

(and if you wonder who is the comic book fan here, well, let's just say that i was excited to see a cameo of stan lee in 'the avengers', and mr. khairul went like, 'who?')

we watched it at alamanda, and the movie was just incredible. calling it action-packed is an understatement. there were funny one-liners too, and the chemistry between the superheroes surprises me - rarely can a movie with that many stars work well without one star trying too hard to overshadow the other. and i love it that they don't ruin the movie with unnecessary sickly sweet romance.

'the avengers' is by far the best superhero movies i've ever seen. i mean, christopher reeves' 'superman' comes close just because it's a classic, and toby mcguire's spidey movies were pretty cool, but in terms of everything else, 'the avengers' tops it all. it's just so fun to watch, and with that many superheroes, there was never a dull moment. 

now i won't bore you more on the plot, because regardless of whether you know what the story is about or not, you just have to GO and experience the movie!

* * *

so one question remains : who IS the most powerful superhero among the avengers? let me run by you my personal take on each superhero.

the ironman aka tony stark : 

HIT - rich, handsome, funny, genius - can this guy BE any perfect? he has a smart mechanical suit that can fly him into orbit, shoots multiple bad guys accurately, AND at the same time make phone calls to his girlfriend. pure genius.
MISS - as a superhero, however, ironman is only powerful with his suit on. and it runs on battery, or something. nuff said. he can pay the entire US secret service to protect him, though...

hawkeye aka SHIELD agent clint barton aka "legolas" haha :

HIT - with that sick skillz of archery, he deserves to be in this list. he's not just awesomely good with his sniper skills, but he's bringing sexy back in the bow and arrow! stylo!
MISS - he did get hypnotized by loki. you might say it could happen to anyone. but not to tony stark. nuff said.

captain america aka steve rogers :

HIT - an all-american hero, patriotic and chosen to go thru the experiment with a serum injected into him, turning him strong, simply because of his honorable character - so will never back out of a fight for justice and all things good. always motivated, and leads the team with ease and acceptance from other avengers. oh, and he has that shield he always holds on to. and don't forget that body...
MISS - he's only strong because of the experiment, otherwise he's a scrawny kid who wasn't even accepted into the military. however, he remains strong now and vigilant from his military training, and has a kind heart, so here's one promising candidate for most powerful superhero...

the hulk aka bruce banner : 

HIT - a cute scientist. he's totally impenetrable when he's hulk. bullets, bombs and all things destructive - hulk will still stand. stronger than superman, faster than spiderman, and angrier than all super villains put together.
MISS - he can only turn to the hulk when he's angry. serve him slow at mcd, and he'll turn green. stuck in traffic with drivers who cut his line, he'll hulk up. and the fact that he wants to 'control' it shows that being hulk is not always a good thing as he can be highly destructive not just to public property, but to people's lives as well. i mean, do we really need a superhero who has to get all emo before he can fight the bad guys?

thor aka god of thunder from the realm of asgard :

HIT : he's a god of asgard. you don't wanna mess with someone from another REALM, and not just a citizen of that realm, but a GOD from that realm haha. also, he has that magical hammer that only he can carry and use. how cool is that! even hulk can't even pick it up when he tried. he fights bad guys on our planet with his superhuman strength while STILL able to keep his smooth blonde long-locks all in place. fantastic. a superhero that looks like a rock star.
MISS : the villain that the avengers are fighting is loki - his half-brother from asgard. there is a personal conflict there. also, it's pretty unfair that he's a god. i mean, cammon!

the black widow aka agent natasha romanoff :

HIT : the only avenger who does not rely on any experiment to turn her super, doesn't need any man-made supersuits or any weaponry. her introductory scene says it all. she kicks ass. even as she shows her vulnerable side, she's manupulating the enemy. she's also beautiful, deadly alluring, and sneaky too. the kind of woman who could rule the world.
MISS : i can't seem to find any. 

* * *

so, i guess it's obvious - that the most powerful avenger is also the only WOMAN on the team! 

funny, being known for our natural tendencies to be a drama queen, as superheroes we don't need all the drama of anger management, malfunctioning armoured suits or having to fight our own half-brother to close a mysterious portal in the sky. the black widow simply relied on her skills and her wits. while looking fabulous, of course. power to the women!

ok, now that we got that out of the way, let's see which superhero looked the hottest in their tight superhero costume? my money is on captain america, but we'll see... *wink wink*


aDyLLa OmaR said...

dila suka thor and the hulks! hehe

Liz Rohaizat said...

Captain America! Ahaks, tak sempat nak tengok lagiii

transformed housewife said...

it was so fun reading your entry just now. I could somehow picture some scenes without watching the movie. hehe

Syigim said...

>> dylla, thor mmg comel! ;) tp hulk - errr...

>> liz, captain america of course!!! hihi grrr..

Syigim said...

>> kak nur, lovely comment! :) thanks so much, means a lot! :) go n watch the movie then!

Silent Scribbler said...

I enjoyed this very much. For me, always my favorite superhero is Tony Stark aka Iron Men. :-)

Syigim said...

aisha, tony stark is sexy in his own cocky ways! ;) kinda like him too!

Anonymous said...

Omg Tony rox Iron Man 4eva!! <3

Ps his suit run on the arc reactor. Duh.

Syigim said...

omg anon, like omg like totally like omg!!! 4evahhhhh yah? like, totalllly omg! err duh tu ape

Anonymous said...

arc reactor is name of tecknology he runs basicaly off of a hydrogen reactor pocket sized

Anonymous said...

The Hulk is most powerful with Thor just behind him. The fact is that Thor bled when when hit by the hulk, Thor bled when stabbed by Loki, the hulk took a blasting from the bad guys that only made him more angry but didn't make him bleed. Thor how ever is a much smarter fighter, also if he wanted to he could just flee from the hulk. They are all great but looking at all the battle details is where the answer really lies! Thor is more powerful than ironman, remember he ripped iron mans mask clean off at the end of the film, ironman simply surprised Thor with cunning moves. They are all great but 1st is Hulk then Thor, ironman, captain America, black widow and last is hawk eye.

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