Thursday, May 17, 2012

Kuey Teow : Sany @ Penang & Mali’s Corner @ Taman Medan, PJ

i LOVE kuey teow!

these are two of the places i tried recently : one, on our trip to penang. and another one was recommended by my little bro-in-law right in PJ.

* * *

everytime we go to penang, we surely meet up with my in-law’s family friend, a childhood buddy to the kids – muhaidi, or fondly called ‘tato’ – don’t ask!

he wanted to take us for a kuey teow yummy time at kuey teow gagak, (read my review here) but it’s closed! so he took us to the next best thing – kuey teow sany near ‘tokong ular’. it’s just a humble little stall, but cooks up delicious dishes inside!




omg. even looking back it this picture now (i’m already back in dubai) i’m salivating! i want a plate of kuey teow now! hihi.

but there was one funny incident while we’re at kuey teow sany. you see, CHAR KUEY TEOW is kuey teow basah with gravy, and PRAWN. i don’t like prawn, so i asked the the kuey teow man to make my kuey teow with chicken instead, and also DRY.

his reply : “nih pertama kali dengaq org nak kuey teow taruh ayam nih. sat naaa..” and he proceeded to shout out my request to the cooks at the back in such a way that i was like a freak for asking such a ridiculous alternative for their original char kuey teow. haha. even tato was smirking at the incident.



..and here’s MY plate of kuey teow – just the way i like it! kuey teow kering taruh ayam – dry kuey teow noodle with chicken instead of prawn! and i unashamedly ordered the BIG plate! pinggan besaq!




mr. khairul with ‘little bro’ tato, our designated host in penang. thanks for your time, bro!


* * *


when we were back in KL, my youngest bro-in-law asrar took us to ‘mali’s corner’ at taman medan, jalan klang lama. they serve delicious kuey teow, and nasi lemak kukus too (steamed glutinous rice).

this place is arguably THE place to get good char kuey teow in the klang valley – we’ll see!



again, i requested DRY-style kuey teow with chicken instead of prawn, but they don’t have cut-up chicken so i had the kuey teow as it is. mr. khairul was the happiest since i passed all my prawns to him! this is as tasty as a plate of kuey teow gets. and i’m sure it would be more perfect with my chicken bits!


this is the original version : char kuey teow basah, with prawns. mine looks more delicious! haha.


mr. khairul with little bro asrar.


we got the nasi lemak kukus too for the boys. delicious, panas-panas!


mali’s corner is just a couple of stalls selling kuey teow and nasi lemak, but both the dishes were really tasty. however, nothing beats the real thing in penang!


* * *


now i really, really, really want char kuey teow! *pull hair*


amirah said...

me too!!dr peknen membawak smp skrng ni dok teringin char kuey teow. tak dan lagi nak pergi kat melaka tk pernh rs yg betui2 kaw lagi

wawajoe said...

di Platinum Walk, Danau Kota pun ada Mali's Corner. but service is realllllyyyyy badddddd!! (see how i spell them?)...dah laa muka cashier asyik mencuka aje. the line will be soooooo loooonggggg especially during weekends. No doubt makanan memang A+, tapi service...ya allah! kalau baca kat foursquare, byk org komen ttg service dia. (Danau Kota outlet lah)

aDyLLa OmaR said...

kat area danau kota ni pun ada mali's corner. sedap char kuey teow dia! tapi beratur agak panjang. nak beli air pun kena order kat side lain. leceh sikit :p

Syigim said...

>> amirah, tp ur lucky ur in msia, senang je nk dpt char kuey teow sedap2! :) kat dubai ni susah nk jumpa yg mcm kat penang :)

>> kak wawa, we went really late at night, on a weekday kat tmn medan ni pulak mcm terpencil je.. so just a few customers here n there :)

Syigim said...

>> dylla, demi mendptkan kuey teow sedap! sanggup! hihi said...

kalau mai besut terengganu, jangan lupa mai kedai cek noh, @penang ori char koay teow, jln.bkt.keluang,besut terengganu.. Pasti tak menyesal punya. InsyALLAH..

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