Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Homemade Steamboat @ Abg Shon & Kak Muna’s

one of the sweetest things anyone has ever said to me happened the day we came back from malaysia to dubai. we were invited to abg faisal shon and kak muna’s lovely home to savor their delicious homemade home-prepared steamboat dinner.


we were in the kitchen, preparing the dishes, and i told kak muna how i dreaded going back to dubai, leaving my beloved family, but at the same time, somehow i felt that i’m also going back home to dubai…and then we held hands, and she finished my sentence, “..because you’re coming back to your family in dubai!” referring to her family…

i wanted to cry! sayang kak muna! *hugs!* thanks for making us part of your *family*!



everything just looked wonderfully tantalizing. when i was helping kak muna prepare the food, i felt like preparing for breaking fast – can’t wait to just pounce and eat!


DSC09024 DSC09027DSC09025DSC09022

there was yellow noodle, fishballs, seafood and such for the steamboat as well as veggies and mushroom too! i love the details in preparing the items for the steamboat!



..and in another corner, all the deep-fried in a batter mixed by kak muna herself. i especially love the mushroom, but what i find weirdly inviting was the prawns – because i don’t even like to eat prawns, and yet i was so drawn to eat this one! and it was so delicious! good one, kak muna!


DSC09023 DSC09019

…and on top of it all, there’s even nasi lemak! yum! this is too much! but we’re SO welcoming it!




where you have good food, it’s even better when shared. thank you so much abang faisal shon (mr. khairul’s MCKK senior) and sisterly lovey kak muna for your endearing hospitality. we felt really loved and cared for, and surely life in dubai is never lonely with people like them around.



thanks abg faisal shon & kak muna! *BIG HUG!* maybe we could do this again – our place? now what shall i cook…


CikLily Putih said...

bestnya lama x buat steamboat kat umah nie.. siap ada nasi lemak tu laGi awesome kan kahkahkaha

Syigim said...

cik lily, nasi lemak campur steamboat mmg best!! burp! alhamdulillah :)

CIK Y O N G said...

Small world..
Faisal Shoun is my husband roommate/office mate in Bahrain.. Alhamdullilah ;-)

Syigim said...

cik yong, welcome :) n thanks for dropping a comment!

abg faisal shoun n kak muna are just two of the nicest ppl we could ever meet in dubai. alhamdulillah, they're like family :)

mmg small world! :)

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