Sunday, May 6, 2012

Satay UK : Crazy Tasty, Not in UK!

from holiday in malaysia, back to dubai and now i’m in UK?

no, i didn’t go all the way to united kingdom to get this delicious satay – the ‘UK’ in its name actually stand for ‘urat keting’, because this satay restaurant also pride itself in serving one of the best ‘sup urat keting’ (soup with tendon) around.

as a satay-freak, i dare say that this is the best satay i’ve tasted in a long time, on par with my favorite satay haji samuri.



i love chicken satay, and chicken satay only – and i can say that the chicken satay at ‘satay UK’ is absolutely delicious. it’s big, bulky yet tender. it’s juicy and well-marinated. it’s grilled well without much black bits. the marinade used gives it a slightly different taste than satay haji samuri, which is its plus point. the taste really seeps through the meat, tasty and satisfying! the peanut sauce complements it very well too.




* * *




‘satay UK’ is situated at section 7, bangi very near kajang. it’s big and covers two shoplots so you won’t miss it. the place is also very well-lit, and spacious. the tables are also quite far apart to give a certain privacy – very conducive for parents dining with 3 boisterous boys like me!

i went with my in-laws, as my bro-in-law is treating us to this yummy dishes of satay, soup and nasi goreng.




my mom-in-law in peach tudung with the owner of satay UK, aunty normala who happens to be her good friend since form 4. having said that, i would like to mention that my review is in no way only positive just because the owner is a friend of my mom-in-law. the satay is really THAT good, with new delicious taste that i’m beginning to love!


* * *




as mentioned before, ‘satay UK’ stands for ‘urat keting’ which refers to the ‘tendon’ as a special ingredient in their soup. i’m not a fan of drinking soup just as it is like this, but mr. khairul is quite a fan, and he simply loved this one. he said it’s as delicious as can be – highly recommended for fans of soups, and new, unique dishes!



‘satay UK’ specializes in satay and soups but they also serve yummy nasi goreng (fried rice). their nasi goreng looked very simple, but tasty and well-seasoned! i tried the pataya rice (fried rice wrapped in omelette) and – yum!


* * *



my boys with their youngest aunt – aunty ya



even kazim enjoyed his share of satay, and this is his FIRST time really eating satay and handling the stick on his own. no worries, he ate them under extremely strict supervision! if you’re wondering whether ‘satay UK’ is as good or better than satay haji samuri, give it a try!


Nadiah Sidek said...

ala...syoknya dapat makan sedap-sedap kat sana. dah macam kat malaysia je

ANR said...

I agree. Satay UK is so delishhhh. eh, but Satay Willy also sdap. org ckp lagi sedap dari satay UK. go try it sis.

ICA said...

Syigim....Satay UK is just nearby my house.....laa kalau tau boleh singgah kan. Btw, you should try Satay Willy. It will really blow your heads off...yummy.

Affieza said...

Agree with u sis...dah pernah mkn kt sini jgk

firahadifa said...

balik nanti i nk try lah!

Nia said...

adeh, ingatkan kat seksyen 7 shah alam. kat Bangi rupanya..huhu..tapi serius nampak sedap. teringin nih..nasib baik tak preggy..heheted

Liz Rohaizat said...

lapar! akak nie, rajin sgt share gambar makanan :p

Syigim said...

>> nadiah, ni kat msia ni le sayang oii.. tu sbb sedap2 semuanye hihi

>> ANR, mmg delicious! yes, i heard ade jgk org suggest satay willy. must try next!

Syigim said...

>> ica, patut bole meet up! :) yes yes willy willy willy - mesti try this one the next time i'm back!!!

>> affieza, sedap kan!

Syigim said...

>> firahadifa, do try! rasa lain sikit dr satay samuri. sedap!

>> nia, gi try! mmg sedap, juicy, lemak2 pun byk hahahaha ;)

Syigim said...

liz, coz i LOVE to eat!!! hihi... gi cari satay now... ;)

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