Monday, May 28, 2012

Lil Malayan Tigers @ Zabeel Park, Dubai

summer is slowly reaching dubai, but before it gets too hot to stay a minute outside, we wanna take full advantage and take the boys out to zabeel park for a football fun time. they all proudly wore the bright yellow malayan tiger football jersey, getting much attention from amateur photographers hanging around the area!




we went to zabeel park, and the weather was really welcoming. it was a fantastic day, alhamdulillah. not too scorching, and there was even strong breeze to keep the boys cool. it was a really perfect day to be out under the sun.

we pay 5dhs each to get in, which is fine considering the awesomely beautiful park we’re goin in – but what i opposed to is that they even charged my little kazim! we had to pay full entrance for kazim too…




zabeel park is indeed beautiful, and so classy. the lush greeneries, the clean surroundings and perfect walkways – awesome. there’s a large lake, an ampitheater, a long jogging track, and even a boat people can rent and row. this park also house the children’s entertainment center called ‘stargate’.




* * *




what a lovely sight! brown-orange-red leaves and we’re sandwiched in between. i can’t stop looking at the trees and lovely flowers!



i am just amazed at the grass. is it even REAL? i want this in my living room! the grass felt so incredibly soft and carpety under my feet, and i had no qualms in letting my boys run around without their crocs on. the feeling is just liberating. no sticks and stones in my way – freedom for my feet!


kazim had fun ‘falling down’ so often while taking the advantage of rolling around in the grass once he’s down there!



zabeel park is really HUGE, but this area is our favorite part of zabeel park – it’s like a valley and we’re just playing in a lovely bowl of grass, surrounded by trees and these stony stairs that i love so much.

watch the clip below and you can see how this area looks like as a whole. and remember – this is just a TINY part of zabeel park! in this clip we had just arrived, getting comfy in this lush grassy field. we were the only ones there! the place is too green and classy, it could be a golf course!


* * *


my eldest boy khaleef sharpened his footie skills of course, with the help of coach bapak!


kazim has his own woody ball, and just happily embracing the awfully LARGE place to run around like crazy!



kahfi? he’s certainly one of a kind – he didn’t want to kick any ball, he didn’t want to throw any ball, he didn’t even want to just run. he told me he wants to SLEEP. yeap. kahfi, oh kahfi!



can you guess what’s that pretty brick building at the back, with that weird swirly antenna-thingy on top? it’s not the information booth. it’s not the guard’s house. it’s not the snack kiosk. it’s actually the toilets! yeap. toilet pun lawa kat taman dubai ni.





i hope next weekend’s weather would be welcoming us to another nice park too!


amirah said...

mak ngan ayah tak pakai baju rimau?

Norul Rahim said...

salam. so cute 3 lil boys! best blog sy follow! :)

Syigim said...

>> amirah, hahaha maknye ade baju rimau tp xpakai hari tu ;)

>> norul, thanks for ur comment! :) maknye pun comel kan hihi

iffatali said...

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