Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Kuey Teow Gagak, Penang

if you’re in penang, and you pass by a seemingly non-attractive stall along a big drain by the roadside, under a huge tree in bayan baru – do make a pit-stop. they make one of the best char kuey teow in penang. some say malaysia.

the famous kuey teow gagak.



like many established makan places in penang, the stall is really NOT attractive! like nasi kandar restaurant ‘line clear’ – celah-celah bangunan je. roti canai banjir – stall tepi dinding bangunan je. and the kuey teow gagak stall uses pretty much the same concept. gerai buruk, tapi makanan power!

the inconspicuous stall seemed run-down; especially being set up under an old tree, by a reasonably large drain. you’d never guessed they make one mean plate of char kuey teow!



why is it called kuey teow ‘gagak’ is beyond my comprehension. there are many gagak bird hangin around the stall? the stall is only opened at night in pitch darkness like the feathers of a gagak? the man-power are all dark-skinned?

i might never know. sape-sape tau, bole share ye!

what i do know is, (as a HUGE fan of char kuey teow) it REALLY is good, especially if you’re a fan of kuey teow basah. they do it best. remember; penang, bayan baru, under a tree, open after 8pm. enjoy!


lil sharky said...

Gotta love penang char kuey tiaw, but penang is so far from kk 

amirah said...

i think kan kak penang has the best malaysian food list in malaysia..semua best2 no..

Yue said...

wow, that's really lip smackin..here in seri kembangan oso got 1 really nice charkoeyteow! gotta let my sis n my bro know..they're working in penang rite now..so envious of em!

Fara said...

i think i know where the place. lame btl tak pegi penang, soon will go. agree with amirah, penang mmg byk tempat makan best :D

Syigim said...

>> lil sharky, currently penang is waaay for from dubai!!!! :P

>> amirah, YES! penang food mmg best! & popular pun!

Syigim said...

>> yue, where exactly in seri kembangan?! pls do tell bcoz i'm a big fan of kuey teow, n searching for the best! :D

>> fara, since duduk dubai, mmg pegi penang setahun skali je, nk pekena nasik kandaq & kuey teow gagak ni je :)

Yue said...

syigim, its opposite maulana, the one in front of a school, near maybank, very near to UPM. its only a shabby stall cooked by teen boys during night time :) i'll write about it one of these days XDXD

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