Friday, July 1, 2011

What’s That Picture on Your Dirham?

daily; we see them, we touch them, we look at them to count them, we had them in our pockets, in our wallets, in our purses, in our socks (haha, eh aku pernah buat okay! kalau ape-ape hal jadi masa zaman naik bas ekspres kat puduraya). they are an important part of our life – our cash. the bank notes. money. the AED. the dirham.

we use them so often, that we overlooked the interesting bits on this valuable piece of paper. there are history engraved in those bank notes. what IS that picture on your dirham?



sharjah is one of the states in dubai, it’s right next to dubai. is the central market of sharjah also known as the ‘blue souq’? always wanted to go but never did get here!



honestly i never noticed the existence of this building that looks like the ugly brother of sydney’s opera house! hihi. i only saw it when we were up on the dubai cable car at creek park!



abu dhabi is the capital of the united arab emirates. we’ve passed by this fort, and took a couple of pictures. below is my eldest son khaleef in front of the al jahili fort in al ain.




been here! really beautiful fort with a deep historical past. the museum is simple, but i love the displays.



looks like our parliament building. if i’m not mistaken, long ago, before the concrete jungle of dubai came to be, this building is the only tall one along the stretch of sheikh zayed road.





when i first went to dubai on a holiday with abah and my sisters, we took a picture at this mosque. i didn’t know the significance of it back then. nampak biase je mosque ni… turns out it’s as old as i am!





this is a very commendable effort by the gulf news team. wanna see the actual article, click here.

so how bout it, my fellow malaysians? can you remember what’s on OUR ringgit malaysia? click here for a wiki info, but it’s not that comprehensive because of too much info, and it lacks clear images, and most are without image of the bank note at all.

i like this link here, it’s much better than wiki, because it has complete images and for me the info is easier to digest.

for the coming merdeka next month, malaysian news team should gather up images together with interesting facts stated briefly to come up with easy-to-digest infos like this. it would not only benefit malaysians, but tourists and expats in malaysia will learn a lot too. budak sekolah pun senang nak faham!


transformed housewife said...

there was one article reviewing abt the new released images for Malaysian coins once. But not sure about our notes. it's a pretty neat idea though!

Syigim said...

kak nur, should make it simple like this one right - all in one brief paragraph & graphic. :)

lina said...

salam syigim idea yg bagus...masuk kan duit dlm setokin....alia selalu ilang duit nak suh dia buat cam tu la ..hik..hik...kelakar tp it work kan ):

Syigim said...

kak lina, mmg saya letak dlm socks everytime nk balik kg kat pudu. situ ramai org, mane la tau kot2 kita tak alert...drpd hilang semua, at least ade duit spare dlm stokin hihi...

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