Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mysuperkids iPad Contest : Grouping & Challenge

to those of you who did not even know about this contest, there’s no time to explain. for those who did participate in this contest a few months back, i’m asking you whether you knew about being grouped together with 9-10 other contestants in A – J groupings to complete a challenge?

i didn’t know until one of my teammates lissa left a comment in my latest posting. thanks girl! *high 5*

it seems that :

  1. i’m in group A – you can check out which group you’re in by clicking this link ‘semak nama anda
  2. there are 10 juries assigned for each team – my team, group A’s jury is alyrds a.k.a ally ardee simin. to check the jury for your team, click here.
  3. the first challenge is titled, ‘kelahiran’ which is a very fluid word – not just confined to giving birth, or being born. creativity is key. for information and rules on the challenge, click here.
  4. i’m guessing this would be the first of many, many challenges since there are so many contestants; and ms lina wanna pick a winner ala survivor or AF – where contestants are voted out in a team, in pairs, or individually.
  5. also, you may need to inform and remind your teammates of this challenge since there is a possibility that if one teammate didn’t submit an entry, the whole team might be eliminated!
  6. leave your permalink here for jury ‘inspection’!
  7. your entries are due 8th july!

i really didn’t know about all this, and ms. lina concurs when she wrote this posting to wonder why out of hundreds of participants, only four have sent in their entries? well, we had no idea!

anyways, i’m just doing my part as a fellow blogger in this big ol world wide web to inform participants of this first challenge, because i wished someone had told me sooner! i’m weaving words in my head already.



good luck to you people!


alyrds said...

As salam,

Saya tapi Malay yer.. hehe. Suka semua point² yang anda nyatakan. Harap dapat teruskan perjuangan dalam kontest ini.

Syigim said...

ade special request untuk tulis malay? mesti boleh! nanti reviu ok! :)

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