Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Red Velvet Mini Cheese Cake @ Magnolia Bakery

i’ve eaten cheese cakes. and i’ve eaten red velvet cakes. but this is the first time i ate ‘red velvet cheese cake’. absolutely divine.



for his birthday, i got mr. khairul two little cupcakes from dean & deluca. so for my birthday, he got me two mini cakes from ‘magnolia bakery’. this is said to be THE place to get cakes in dubai.

originally from new york, magnolia bakery first hit stardom when it was mentioned/featured in one of the episodes of ‘sex and the city’. this branch in dubai is the only branch outside of new york, as its other three branches are all in manhattan. that’s why when it’s first opened in dubai, the line was far out the door!



this branch of magnolia bakery is at dubai mall’s lower ground, and it is actually a part of bloomingdale’s ‘home’. it’s right at the entrance. look for bloomingdale’s home, and you’re there.

the bakery itself is absolutely adorable – squeaky clean beige cabinets with lines of cake stands and cookie jars on top. lovely kitchen-style. on the side, few staff are preparing cupcakes, squeezing on cream cheese or arranging them on trays.

it’s really a quaint little place.



mr. khairul really didn’t know what to order. he knows i wanted anything cheesy but there were so many choices! finally he asked what are the top choices of patrons? the staff listed three – one of them was the red velvet mini cheesecake.

it’s 12aed for each cupcake, but you pay a whopping 25aed for these mini cakes. hey, gimme a break ok. 1) it’s dubai. and 2) it’s my birthday! it’s not like every week i go and get these little expensive bad boys!



so mr. khairul got me that, and the classic baked cheese cake. at one glance they looked so plain and as basic a cake as you can get. crunched nuts on top. a plop of cream with grated chocolate. round. small. could these little mini cakes really live up to the hype of magnolia bakery new york?



i don’t like the lemony taste that some bakery put in their baked cheesecake. and this one doesn’t have that disturbing lemony taste. it’s – how should i put it – perfect. the taste of the cheese was just enough to drive a cheese-freak on a feeding frenzy. the texture was soft and compact; doesn’t crumble.

oh, it’s just that i’m not into too much peanuts on my cheesecake, so i gave the part with the huge chunks to mr. khairul.

other than that – well, let’s just say that i didn’t want the cheese cake to finish!



the red velvet mini cheese cake is definitely a numero uno with the customers. when i googled images of the magnolia bakery, i don’t think anyone went back without this delicious little devil in the magnolia bakery box.

it’s not baked; rather it’s chilled cheese cake i think, from the texture. topped with a generous blob of cream cheese with grated chocolate. the base is unmistakably crushed oreo biscuits. and in the middle – the star of the show – the red velvet cheese.

the vision itself beckons you. a color combination of cream, red and black. beautiful. the taste is indescribable. i’m lost for words. if you liked cheese, and you liked red velvet cakes, and you liked a thin strip of oreo – why haven’t you tried this mini delight from magnolia bakery?

go get one – dubai mall, lower ground, inside bloomingdale’s!


Iryani Noor said...

owhh red velved.. looks very tempting.. nie terliur nihh =p

call UAE said...

Thanks for sharing these & very well explained post. Some thing new to learn from this helpful post.

Liz Rohaizat said...

red velvet cheese cake? fuhhhh, terliur I! hehehe... akak nie, seb baik saya tak pregnant. kalau tak, mana nak cari?

lina said...

salam syigim - looking fwd to bake this cake...semua org cakap sedap. Tambah2 syigim dh desc kan wah tak sabar2 nk merasa ni

phentermine said...


nice post thanks for sharing.

lissa said...

yummy red velvet cake! tak penah rasa lagi ni.

mari kita sahut cabaran pertama

dari teman kumpulan A,

Syigim said...

>> hi iryani, tempting & memang sedap sgt! :)

>> call UAE, ur welcome. do come n visit again

Syigim said...

>> liz, cuba google2 sket. akak2 kat msia pun sibuk buat kek ni kat dapo diorang jual online hihi

>> kak lina, wow good luck in baking red velvet! sure sedap!

Syigim said...

hi lissa, thanks for dropping a comment! kalau tak kasitau mmg xtau psl challenge mysuperkids! THANKS!

amirah said...

wow..sedapnya..kalaula ada dekat sini..ermm

Liz Rohaizat said...

resipi red velvet cake mmg saya ada. cuma belum cuba. tapi resipi red velvet cheese cake belum ada. nanti saya cari. thanks

Syigim said...

>> amirah, kat msia xde magnolia bakery, tp red velvet yg sedap2 pun byk! :)

>> liz, tu lah red velvet mmg biase makan, tp red velvet cheese ni mmg kaw2 lah! mesti try buat ok :)

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