Friday, June 10, 2011

I Made Lepat Pisang in Dubai

lepat pisang has always been one of my top 3 favorite kuih melayu. the others would be apam kelapa, and tepung pelita. i can’t believe in a million years that i would even attempt to make my own lepat pisang.


khaleef enjoying his mom’s homemade lepat pisang


it all started when my dear kak muna, another malaysian in dubai, ‘donated’ folds of banana leaves to me. her son studying in KYS is currently off on school holiday and had just arrived in dubai from malaysia, bringing all sorts of goodies. so sweet bawakkan mak dia daun pisang! hihi.

since i have A LOT of banana leaves, i was thinking of making – lepat pisang! what is lepat pisang in english? steamed banana parcels? haha!

one of my biggest motivation to make lepat pisang other than :

1) it’s my favorite kuih,

2) i have a lot of banana leaves lying around –

it’s 3) when i make my OWN lepat pisang, i can finally put A LOT (and i mean A LOT) of kelapa parut or grated coconut ikut suka hati in my lepat pisang. i simply HATE lepat pisang that contains no grated coconut. i feel cheated! huhu.

so i want to make my OWN lepat pisang, just the way i like it!


* * *


there are so many variations of the recipe for lepat pisang out there – some use corn flour, some use custard flour, and some put santan! so i just googled ‘resepi mudah lepat pisang, and go from there!

basically what you need :

  • bananas
  • wheat flour
  • corn flour
  • white sugar
  • brown sugar
  • salt to taste
  • grated coconut
  • banana leaves


okay, my ever risky way of making this lepat pisang is ‘campak-campak’, so i don’t have the exact amount of everything. i mix flour with banana, and when it’s too soft, i add more flour. and when i add more flour, i add more sugar.

it’s all about the texture of the mix – you don’t want it to be too soft or lembik, and you don’t want to dump too much flour that will make it too hard.



banana, of course is the main ingredient. if you used mango, jadi lepat mangga pulak kan!



i used 4 parts of flour (tepung gandum), and 1 part of corn flour (tepung jagung) and mix them together with white sugar, brown sugar and a lil bit of salt.


plop one lump of banana-flour-sugar mix on the banana leaf, and – now this is the best part – i put A LOT of grated coconut. A LOT. because i like it A LOT!

also, a note to myself : i thought my mix was too soft as i put it on the banana leaf, but it turned out okay. so yes syigim – let it be a LITTLE SOFT. it’s gonna be fine! haha.


tada! wow tak sangka boleh tahan kemas jugak aku melipat lepat hihi


before, and after!


i read in of the recipes, make sure the water for steaming is already boiling before you put the lepat pisang. steam for 20 minutes, add more boiling water, and continue steaming for 10 more minutes.

me? i steamed for straight 30 minutes. tak bukak bukak periuk. haha.

and yes, it seemed that you CAN stack all the lepat pisang together in the steam pot and all will be cooked equally together.


tada~ *speechless*


can’t. believe. i. made. lepat pisang!!!!



my mr. khairul, as usual was my biggest fan, my worst critic and my royal food-taster. one gulp, and he lit up - “eh, sedap lah!”

i gave him a BIG hug!

of course sedap, it’s cooked with love okay!

for those of you who are used to make tepung talam without even looking at the recipe, or those who make kuih cara lauk selamba je for afternoon snack, or those who can make kuih lopeh once a week – this may not be a big deal. so what if you can make lepat pisang? but i can’t even fry my goreng pisang right – so hey, excuse me but me making lepat pisang on my own for the first time IS A BIG DEAL.

so be a friend, and just congratulate me okay. thank you. hihi.

* * *

ok next, you nak i buat kuih ape?


lina said...

wah congrats sygim...kak lina tak pernah baut sendiri lepat pisang...sanggup biarkan jer pisang...teruk betul :)....asyik tunggu mak jer yg buatkan...kemas dan nampak sedap la lepat pisang tu

Syigim said...

wah, coming from kak lina yg pandai masak mcm2 ni, rase terharu bila puji lepat tu nampak kemas & sedap :) thanks kak. harap2 dpt try masak mcm2 lagi :)

lil sharky said...

It looks delicious :-)
I've never done lepat pisang before even though it is one of my favourite kuih.
Thanx for sharing. Ramadhan is coming soon, i guess i can make it for berbuka.

FiDa@aMiDa said...

cayalah...dah boleh buka order ni :) fida pon tak pernah lagi buat lepat pisang seumur hidup tau makan je

carrot said...

weewiit, kak syigim! tahniah2.. hihi :D

Nadiah Sidek said...

baru ingat nak buat lepat pisang jgk. kite pulak tak suka ada kelapa dlmnya :p. dulu2 mesti mak buat 2 jenis..1 yg ada kelapa, 1 yg takde kelapa khas utk anak daranya..ehe. tapi la ni mkn jgk yg ada kelapa tu ;)

Syigim said...

>> lil sharky, never knew it's quite simple to make, esp for someone yg jarang masak2 :) do try :)

>> wow....kalau fida yg teror masak pun bole nk order, kira bagus ni! haha ;)

Syigim said...

>> sape pulak la carrot ni :P hihi. nways thanks! :)

>> ye ke nadiah xsuka yg ade kelapa! wah, ade jgk ye org yg xsuka kelapa dlm lepat hihihihi.. ;)

ICA said...

OMG Congrats girl...way to go. What an accomplishment...coz basically lepat pisang org selalu beli je kan..and not buat sendiri...(errrr if one is staying in Msia that is....)

I bet sure sedap punya...I know how much you suka sangat bananas...boleh bukak business nih Syigim...

ps: miss all your stories...but am catching up :)) hugs to the boys.

transformed housewife said...

congrats! there's always first time. knur skrg jd malas balik nak buat kuih2 sendiri. dulu masa kat NZ, rajin sgt. cuma adala sekali sekala buat baking dgn anak2 dara knur.

Pala Maldini said...


Ermayum said...

congrats :) i love the one without kelapa, sejukkan dalam peti and err i belum pernah buat lagi so you are terror

Syigim said...

>> ica!!!!! thanks for dropping by girl. miss u too! but have to menerima hakikat la ur a workin mom now! :D

yes, LOVE bananas! n i must say it's a really good lepat with lots of kelapa! hihi stayin overseas kena pandai2 la buat kuih melayu..... :P

>> pala maldini, thanks! ;)

Syigim said...

>> kak nur, i'm not that good,bole try buat kuih yg senang2 je.. insyaAllah nk cuba yg lain. just coz i'm in dubai haha. kalau kat msia confirm beli je ;)

>> ermayum, alhamdulillah berjaya buat yg best hihi... i pun suka bubuh dlm fridge! :) bila tgk recipe tgk2 rupanya senang buat lepat ni ;)

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