Sunday, June 12, 2011

‘Haunted House’ Made of Chairs

from the responses of my facebook friends, i can say that most of them has done this as a kid. flipped chairs upside down, packed them with pillows, pulled a comforter or bed sheet over it and voila ~ a haunted house, a tent in the middle of a scary forest, or a dark cave with the mysterious unknown!

my boys did exactly that this weekend, and oh boy – it sure did bring a lot of childhood memories!




first khaleef took the extra dining chairs and flipped them sideways like in the picture (of course with the permission of mak). then he placed a comforter over it like a roof.

exactly like what i did with my four sisters when i was younger. only i used old bulky sofas in my room, and it was one of the best games i’ve played with my sisters. sometimes we bring in torchlight into the ‘tent’ because it’s to delightfully dark inside!

the sofas were placed close together to avoid any gap. from outside, one of us must be the ‘monster’ who will try to catch the people inside by squeezing a hand through the gaps. who ever got ‘touched’ must take the turn to be a monster! it was SO scary, but SO much fun!




fast-forward to the present…

since it was placed in such a way that the leg of the chairs acted as walls to a little maze inside the ‘house’. the effect was really awesome. with their small little bodies wriggling in and out of the ‘house’, it really did seem like a maze!




it really was quite cozy in the tent especially when khaleef took all his pillows and stuffed ‘em all inside the tent. then he said, “mak, tonight i want to sleep here.”

bagus lah!



Liz Rohaizat said...

wah, teringat zaman kecik2. best kan buat tent camtu? kalau main ramai2 lagi best

akak,bila balik msia?

Syigim said...

liz, kak syigim blk in july insyaAllah :) tp kejap je. bole la tu asalkan dpt balik :)

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