Sunday, June 5, 2011

Very Cold Noodle @ Miyako

yes. cold noodle. not because we waited so long for the meal that it turned lukewarm – it’s really a noodle dish that is served COLD! have you eaten japanese cold noodle before?

* * *

mr. khairul loves japanese food. my eldest khaleef loves miso soup. me, i cringe at the idea of raw fish and squid wrapped in dried seaweed, but i LOVE the chicken dishes. cooked ones lah. haha.



seaweed jelly?


last weekend we had japanese food at miyako, deira. this is what i get when i let him decide where we eat! if it was up to me, it was always going to be tawasol mandi rice on weekends!


* * *



my teriyaki chicken – chicken broiled or grilled in a sweet soy sauce marinade. the chicken is in bite-size, soft and tender. enveloped in sweet teriyaki sauce. yum. well, i only wish the sauce was on the side. too much of the teriyaki sauce will make the chicken taste too sweet. very delicious meal, but i would prefer to separate the sauce and the chicken.



chicken karaage – marinated chicken coated in seasoned wheat flour and potato starch mix. what can i say? macam ayam goreng tepung. period. but a good one. really crunchy on the outside, and juicy on the inside. slightly salty, but it goes very well with plain steamed rice. the boys love this one.



while i settled for boring chicken dishes, mr. khairul always looked for the set or bento, which usually comes in a host of colorful japanese dishes. this one has the must-eat prawn tempura, eel or unagi, fried tofu and something that resembled our pergedil – potato nugget.



tada ~ now this is the cold noodle that i was talking about. this is really weird. this bowl of noodle came together with mr. khairul’s bento. looks like any other homemade noodle, right? but it’s so COLD! taste good, but we’re definitely not used to COLD noodle! anyone care to explain why this noodle was served cold?

i found this when googling :

most of japan gets very hot and humid in the summer. to combat the heat, a number of dishes meant to be eaten cold have been developed. one of the main cold summer dishes is cold noodles.

soba noodles, made of soba (buckwheat), are available all year round but are really popular when the heat turns unbearable.

source : here

interesting, huh?



i always enjoyed admiring the cutlery and pinggan mangkuk used in a fancy restaurant. this one in miyako is particularly eye-catching. i love the cup used to put the japanese tea – made to look as if it’s roughly made, and the gritty surface of the cup made it looked more classic.

the pot on the side tu actually contained soya sauce. not tea ya. hihi.



the interior is simple. japanese characters in paintings on the wall gave it the japanese touch. bulky chairs, but with comfy cushions.



when we go to japanese restaurants, khaleef would enjoy looking at the display counter – especially to see the octopus. always a wonderfully wicked sight. haha.


* * *



mr. khairul’s meal came with a complimentary red bean ice cream. yummy! really brought me back to my younger days of eating aiskrim potong kacang merah dua puluh sen. sigh.


* * *




miyako has great food, and extensive choice in its menu but if you ask me, i prefer going back to sumo anytime. (‘sumo’ is currently our usual haunt if we want to eat japanese. check out my review here). it has got what i really like – chicken katsu, fried breaded chicken – and its good food comes with good affordable price. its place is also more lepak, especially for our boisterous family of 3 young boys!

tabeyou, people! (*let’s eat in japanese)


strawberi said...

the only mknn jepun yg i suka..udang tempura kot..hehe

Syigim said...

strawberi, saya pun xminat sgt makanan jepun, unless it's chicken. and must be COOKED! haha :P

Anonymous said...

actually this is the oldest japanese restaurant in Dubai..

wow i pun tak perasan.


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