Friday, July 8, 2011

HP Dead? Free Charge @ KLIA

yes. we’re in MALAYSIA!

once we’ve arrived at KLIA (kuala lumpur international airport), the first thing that caught my eyes (other than all the wonderful signage in bahasa  at malaysia!) is this machine to charge your hand phone batteries, for free!



khaleef yang mamai baru mendarat kat malaysia dari dubai


i know this machine has been long introduced in malaysia, and in dubai too (saw one at mall of emirates once) but i applaud the invention, because i find myself more than once in that most inconvenient position – low batt!!!

more so when you’ve arrived at a foreign country (welcome to malaysia all you lovely tourist, enjoy my wonderful country ye) and found yourself without a working phone and all your contacts inside the phone – dead!

having it at klia is so convenient!




  1. just take out your battery,
  2. press the on/off button,
  3. key in the last 4 digits of your phone number (as password)
  4. place your battery
  5. press on/off button again
  6. wait for it to charge
  7. repeat step 3 to reclaim your battery

i guess the password is for those who want to leave their battery in the machine while it’s charging. however, there is a recommendation at the bottom of the instruction manual, to suggest that people wait while their phone is being charge, instead of leaving it. things happen, you know!




easy pizzy.

oh, been in malaysia less than 48 hours and i’ve had my craved satay kajang, grilled ikan keli from my favorite restaurant in puchong, and nasi goreng ayam madu.

at the time of writing, we’re about to head to kuala kangsar to have the classic laksa kuala, and pau yutt loi; of course stopping by at tapah on the way to enjoy the kuey teow soup.

and then to taiping to visit mr. khairul’s mak cah and my tokcik’s makan place, selera desa.

in the middle of it all of course, the grand plan will be in penang, where we’ll devour mountains of nasi kandar at line clear, and kandaq beratoq at kapitan kelin – on the SAME day. no, i’m not a nasi kandar fan. oh yes, i’m married to a nasi kandaq-freak.

ipoh, my hometown? ipoh can wait. by the end of the month, i’m all about ipoh…


lil sharky said...

welcome back :-)
have a good holiday and happy jalan-jalan cari makan!

Anonymous said...

pernah jumpa mesin ni tp kena bayar RM1.50 (kalau tak silap). nak guna tapi mesin tu macam rosak ke apa hari saya yang tak tahu guna huhu. btw, selamat pulang!!

amirah said...

slmt balik malaysia kak syigim..uiii tu diaaa list panjang dah tunggu no..

HaniCheLat said...

cool kan? happy holidays syigim.

lina said...

happy holiday and enjoy ur food!

Syigim said...

>> thanks lil sharky, enjoying my holiday VERY MUCH! :D esp bab makan makan makan!

>> eis, saya tak guna pun mesin tu. patutnya test jap tgk ok ke tak kan?

thanks! alhamdulillah selamat sampai!

Syigim said...

>> amirah, thanks :) list tu pendek je tu! ada byk lagi yg teringin nak makan!

>> hanichelat, thanks :) mmg happy sgt! :D

Syigim said...

kak lina, mmg enjoy habis esp FOOD!!!! :D

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