Sunday, July 24, 2011

Jalan Jakarta With In-Laws

it’s true people! i haven’t had the time to blog about singapore because i’m on yet another holiday in the asean region – jakarta, indonesia!

i went with mr khairul’s sisters tina and teh, along with my three boys. where was mr. khairul? a last-minute duty-call prevented him from joining us. he was in saudi the day we flew to jakarta. very much missed.

so it was just us girls and the little men!


semua muka sedih. rindu bapak. :(


it was a really short trip; so we just went to thamrin city and tamini plaza to shop for batik, tudung and stuff, while making time for taman mini indonesia to have a feel of the whole 13,000 islands and 27 provinces of indonesia.

truly an enriching experience.


will blog about this trip SOON! (when i find the time to write the 5-6 blogposts on singapore!)


amirah said...

syoknya kak syigim..dengkisss..huhuhu..ala la siannya masing2 masam je muka

Nadiah Sidek said...

aiyoo...tak habis jln lagi ke? ni yg jeles ni

strawberi said...

i pun br je pi jakarta...wiken baru nih..4 days 3 nite...macetttt aje kat jakarta...hahaha

Syigim said...

>> amirah, alhamdulillah dpt jln2 ke negara org dlm pada cuti2 kat negara sendiri hihi

>> nadiah, ala dia tu pun sibuk berjln2 merata US ;)

Syigim said...

>> strawberi, laa... kat jakarta jgk? jln2 kat mana? kami pun 4 days 3 nights jgk :)

strawberi said...

pegi thamrin city, tanah abg, mangga 2,plaza indonesia...pastu tk igt dh pegi mana..hehe..2 hari je yg berjln..2 hari lagi..hari sampai dan hari balik..hehe

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