Friday, July 15, 2011

Classic Laksa Kuale

i’m back in KL, but my tummy seemed to want to stay in the northern region. that’s where penang is with all the wonders of nasi kandaq and my fav food char kuey teow. that’s where taiping is; where my beloved tokcik and mr. khairul’s beloved makcah are. and of course there’s also ipoh, the home where i grew up in.

in the north, there is also kuala kangsar; where you can take a detour to taste the classic laksa kuale, with a bowl of cold cendol.

“laksa is a popular spicy noodle soup from the peranakan culture, which is the merger of malay and chinese elements..” ~ wikipedia



to me, the laksa kuale is NOT the best you could find, ever in perak, but it’s what the locals call the best. simple, no frills – like what a classic bowl of laksa should be.

served with half-cut boiled egg upon request; it’s got cut up onion, red chilli and cucumber – that’s it. the texture of the laksa is slightly hard and padat, but that’s apparently the reason why this laksa is so filling – kenyang dimakan!

the laksa dish itself is not TOO spicy – a too-spicy laksa is such a kill-buzz! i like it mild, just enough to get the zing of spiciness, but not too much, that it takes so much effort (and sweat!) to finish it! the laksa kuala has this formula.



the stall for this famous laksa kuale is situated inside a foodcourt-like building, build by the kangsar river. it’s open-air so you can enjoy the river-view while savouring the laksa kuale.



* * *



* * *


mr. khairul with his eldest son khaleef, and his youngest brother asrar


kuala kangsar school boys : mr. khairul from malay college kuala kangsar, and his youngest bro asrar from clifford kuala kangsar


a plate of laksa kuala would be complete with an order of cendol. cool, cool bowl of cendol that’s also a must-try when you happen to stop by at this food-court. ask for cendol pulut, cendol kacang or plain cendol – they’ve got it.

hot, spicy laksa, accompanied by a cold sweet cendol – what a combo!



kalau ke kuale, singgah le yeop ngan yong!


transformed housewife said...

tak pernah sampai kat Kuala Kangsar lg. Pernah rasa laksa kuala kat tempat lain tapi mungkin tak sama dgn yg asli kot.

nELitA. said...

That soup looks really yummy! Will make sure to give it a go when I get the chance of traveling your beautiful Malaysia :)

Liz Rohaizat said...

kak, sila try asam laksa di gerai Pan Mee di Pavilion.

Syigim said...

>> kak nur, laksa mana yg plg asli ye. ade laksa johor, ade laksa sarawk.. :)

>> nELitA, the 'soup' is fish-base, spicy-sour and REALLY good! :D pls come to msia to get away from the summer heat of dubai :)

Syigim said...

>> liz, pan mee pavilion? okeh! will try soon!! :D

Anonymous said...

laksa penang lagi baguih.

~penang boy

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