Friday, July 22, 2011

Singapore Getaway With Abah

just came back from SINGAPORE!



abah plays travel agent this time around. he made a comprehensive list of places to go, with time and duration. he also included the prayer timetable and wrote it in bold red marker (so we won’t delay solat!). he also made copies and passed it on to us right at KLIA before embarking on this unforgettable 5-day singapore trip.

way to go, abah!


* * *


we checked into FURAMA HOTEL CITY CENTER situated near the china town. it’s a regular modern hotel that’s affordable; with tight space but very comfy feel. basic, but simple and cosy. what stands out about furama city center is that it’s one of the few hotels with muslim kitchen. (yes, in singapore tak banyak hotel yang dapurnya muslim-friendly!) this means, you don’t have to worry about eating hotdogs during its complimentary breakfast. muslims travelling to singapore, i suggest furama city center. semua halal, insyaAllah!


* * *


day one began right away as we took a cab to VIVO CITY, singapore’s latest mega mall. it’s got retail, tons of makan places and fun for the whole family at its one-of-a-kind ankle-deep pool on its rooftop. so when you go to vivo city, make sure you bring a change of clothing for your little one, and just let go – it’s just angle-deep!



we had lunch at GARUDA NASI PADANG in vivo city ground floor. your choice of dishes from indonesia served with steamed rice. excellent food, but get ready to be really patient since the service is quite slow. fortunately the staff were all courteous, and smiling though swamped with crowd and the rush. great food, if you don’t mind waiting!


* * *



day two started off swiftly as we took the MRT (mass rapid transit) from CHINATOWN to OUTRAM PARK, then take another train to BOON LAY station, and then a cab to the JURONG BIRD PARK. phew! it was worth it. birds of all kinds, in a beautiful, clean environment. jurong bird park has certainly made its mark as an international-level tourist attraction. khaleef had fun spotting all the birds, since he had just seen the bird-movie RIO, for like the millionth time!


* * *



we left furama city center on day three, and scooted off to the awesome entertainment-packed SENTOSA ISLAND, a popular island resort in singapore, boasting 5 hotels, the siloso beach, a casino, tons of tourist attractions and of course, the universal studios. we checked into the colorful FESTIVE HOTEL (one of the 5 hotels inside sentosa island) on to our most anticipated activity of this trip – to enjoy UNIVERSAL STUDIOS SINGAPORE!


* * *



the FESTIVE HOTEL on sentosa island singapore is probably one of the most beautifully decorated hotel i’ve ever been to. i just LOVE the interior design! ours is the family room complete with a loft bed for the kids! gile cool!


* * *



UNIVERSAL STUDIOS SINGAPORE (USS) is what we came here for. staying inside the sentosa island itself is an advantage to us, as we can be there very early, leave for awhile to fresh up in our hotel room, and walk out again to continue the fun at USS. USS is just 5 minutes walk from our hotel. excellent!


* * *


it’s day four at singapore and we’re not slowing down! the plan was to explore some of the fun stuff they have around sentosa island. first stop was the UNDERWATER WORLD SINGAPORE. here, you don’t just SEE the sea creatures, you get to touch, and feed them as well!

right next to the underwater world singapore is the DOLPHIN LAGOON. if you’ve been to any dolphin show, or seal show – this is pretty much the same thing. dolphin balancing balls, seals clapping hands and catching hoops with their neck – same old stuff. enjoyable, but the heat could really rival dubai’s!


* * *



we also managed to catch the awesome 4D shows at SENTOSA 4D MAGIX. see, and even ‘feel’ the actions on screen! just imagine, when the pirate jumps off the plank, into the sea, we could feel the splash with water spray – spraying right into our face!


* * *


this is a very short summary that definitely DOES NOT do justice to the amount of awesomeness experienced during this trip. not just because of the journey made, and the destination – but the priceless company that matters.

this was our first family trip with abah – me, mr. khairul and my boys; with their atuk and opah umi. thanks abah, for giving me right about 5-6 postings that can last me the whole few weeks! can’t wait to blog about them in detail!


Affieza said...

A great planning done by your Abah, so no need to waste your time during visiting any place...hehe

Nia said...

I never been to Singapore, Jurong Bird Park tu famous kan, lagi besar dari Bird Park yg kat KL tu kan.

Syigim said...

>> affieza, kami pun terkejut dpt jadual tu! haha... tp mmg bagus, sbb setiap masa diisi :)

>> nia, jurong bird park tu mmg ada intl feel. sayang la bird park kl tu besa jgk, tp tak dijaga dgn baik & tak secantik jurong!

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