Friday, June 1, 2012

I LOVE Donuts @ Tim Hortons!

it’s official. after dunkin donuts, krispy kreme, and what not – i finally found THE BEST (at least, in my opinion) donut i’ve ever tasted. they’re at ‘tim hortons’.



hey, those donuts that i mentioned are delicious too in their own way, but i’ve always feel that while the texture of the donut dough is so soft and fluffy at krispy kreme, their icing is WAY too sweet. too sweet. and while dunkin donuts’ icing are just fine, their dough gets tough real quick. and not as fluffy as it should be.

now combine the positives of these two big donut places – soft, fluffy dough, and top it off with icing that is just sweet in a reasonable proportion. you will get donuts at ‘tim hortons’!

my favorite : the classic plain one with chocolate icing. yum.


our intro with ‘tim hortons’ was at JBR (jumeirah beach residences), in bahar sector opposite hilton beach hotel. i’ve always wanted to try ‘tim hortons’ at JBR because it’s such a cute little red cafe, and when i finally did – i LOVE their donuts!

the choices are all too familiar – boston creme, choc, one with colorful choc rice, with caramel, with strawberry – mostly the same kind of donuts. but the difference is – in the taste!



‘tim hortons’ is actually a canadian coffee chain known for its coffee and donuts. It is also canada's largest fast food service. it was founded in 1964 by canadian hockey player tim horton and jim charade.

when it first started, ‘tim hortons’ sells ONLY coffee and donuts. that’s IT. and now the menu has expanded to include pastries, muffins, croissants, cookies and even bagels!

i’m gonna try that next! bagels!



we bought a dozen donuts – we are ALL donut-freaks – and until this moment i wonder why i didn’t take pictures of those fabulous donuts! they’re just perfect in my opinion! fluffy, with delicious toppings. love it, love it!


‘tim hortons’ JBR is right next to chow king and chilli’s at ‘bahar’, i think. enjoy a delicious donut today! (this is not a paid review. haha. i just really, really love their donuts!)


Nadiah Sidek said...

tak pernah dengar donut tim hortons. teringinnya nak rasa

Sparkly Sharky said...

Lucky you! Yes...i like my donuts soft and not too sweet. Bila lah boleh dapat rasa tim hortons. Shall see if they hv in in Spore.

amirah said...

tak pernah dengar tim hortons kat sini pun saya memang donut freak kot. apa saje. but i love jco more.

Yuslinda said... you should try the bagel with cream cheese..kak linda punya feveret..hahahah..but the coffee dia so so je..

Syigim said...

>> nadiah, kat US takde ye tim hortons? tim hortons ni brand dr canada. suka sgt donut dia!

>> sparkly sharky, yes go look for it of not just to tastebn compare! i hope u agree with my taste! ;)

Syigim said...

>> amirah, yes actually j co pun not bad. donut j co lembut sgt. tp tim hortons ni pun not bad! yum!

>> kak linda, mlm tu lepas baca komen kak linda believe it or not kitorang trus pi tim hortons (ye la kat depan je ni kan, dekat! hihi) beli cheese bagel. sedapppp!!! nk makan lagi! panas2 pulak tu!

foodie said...

Syigim! My fav is the canadian maple ones. SEDAP sangat. I liked having dinner there sometimes.. mac&cheese and soup. I love their cream of asparagus soup! Mmm.

Syigim said...

heyya foodie! *wave* they have mac n cheese??!? i have to try that!!! :)

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