Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Kazim Cries Everytime I go to Bathroom

ok, to be fair, the title of this posting should read : kazim has STOPPED crying everytime i go to the bathroom. hihi. and this post is to celebrate the freedom!

…but not after months and months of crying, temper tantrums, wailing and basically a very vocal protest over his mother’s decision to enter a bathroom – which i could never really understood! only for the past few weeks did i realize that he has stopped crying whenever i enter the bathroom. he doesn’t cry anymore, he couldn’t care less!

he’s 2 years-2 months old, and i can finally enter the bathroom in peace!


my already-big boy kazim!



  • whenever i need to go to the bathroom, no matter for WHATEVER reason – 5 seconds hand-washing or 20-minute shower – kazim would just burst into tears of the worst kind!
  • he would not want ANYONE else – of course, mr. khairul would try everything from cuddling him, giving him chocs, or his favorite oreo, or toys or put on ‘toy story 2’ – nothing works
  • at times, when he was busy playing and then suddenly realized i was NOT around him, he would immediately grew nervous and ran to the kitchen or bathroom. when he found the bathroom door closed with me inside – SCREAM!
  • when he was younger i would just take him along inside the bathroom! problem solved, for that few minutes…
  • sometimes i would just leave the door slightly ajar – this seems to make him less anxious of his mother being ‘gone’ into the unknown – maybe because this lets him know what’s happening inside the bathroom
  • of course when mr. khairul was around, sometimes he would distract kazim before i scoot off in lightning speed to the bathroom to do whatever!
  • i developed a stealth mode when i am on a bathroom-emergency – mastering tip-toeing, closing door ever so quietly, and making sure the trickle of water doesn’t alert kazim!






* * *



  • he is not that anxious even if i’m not around. ‘mak is somewhere in the house. i’m cool.’
  • even if he caught me getting into the bathroom, i would just smile and wave, and he would be just fine
  • so many other things could satisfy him – even when he shows a slight frustration that i’m in the bathroom, he can be distracted by ben10 playing on tv, or his brothers calling him to play, or his bapak feeding him pasta cheese!
  • i can have bubble bath, i can enjoy long hot shower, i can scrub the toilet – heck, i can sing the whole boyz to men album while washing my hair at one time without trouble!
  • mak nak masuk bilik mandi? pegi lah…tak heran dah!


and what did i do to change this behaviour? NOTHING! kids just outgrew certain habits as they mature (thank goodness!) although i hope a few more things will NEVER change – like when he always give me surprise kisses for no reason at all...*smile!*

sob sob. my baby is growing! i can do without the crying-when-i-enter-bathroom, but don’t grow up too fast ya…


Nadiah Sidek said...

shakir pun gitu juga syigim. tak senang tau tiap kali masuk bilik air. masuk sekejap pun dia punya melalak tu sampai nak keluar anak tekak. kak long dan papa dia ada pun tetap melalak juga..huhu..

bezanya shakir cepat sikit berhenti berbanding kazim. setahun 2 bulan kot dia berhenti. sekarang dah boleh masuk bilik air dengan aman..haha..

amirah said...

kazim kecik dr ahmad rupanya...few months younger than ahmad...hahaha..takpe, lepas ni mak boleh duk lelama dlm tu dgn aman ye..

Madre said...

my daughter used to do that too:)
She was a breastfed baby... So, I guess she was just being clingy.

Bila dah besar skit, she doesn't cry but will just stand in front of the door & keep asking, "mummy dah sudah ke?" repeatedly!
Umur 4 tahun baru stop:)

transformed housewife said...

when they outgrow of certain habits, we'll realize that they are growing up. maybe it's time for a new baby? hehe

ICA said...

Syigim...he is supercute. kecik-kecik pun dah pandai show who is the boss...hahaha.

Liz Rohaizat said...

comel sungguh kazim ni! ramai juga yg berhadapan dengan perkara ni tapi betul kata akak, benda ni akan hilang sendiri. tau2 je dia dah tak menangis lagi. dan saat2 dia menangis bila kita masuk bilik air tu la yg kita akan kenang sampai bila-bila

Hidayah Ismawi said...

Thankfully my kids never did.. but I never get to go o the bathroom/shower in peace either. It seems that every major squabble is bound to develop as soon as I step inside..

Syigim said...

>> nadiah, cepatnya shakir berenti nangis! senang keja! hihi...kazim ni lama betul nk ok :P

>> amirah, mmg bole la buat konsert tgh shower tu! hihi

Syigim said...

>> madre, yes i felt kazim was being really clingy too. but the thing is, when i stepped out of the bathroom, he couldnt care less where i go! it's just when i'm missing that he mengamuk! hihi

>> kak nur, haha no new baby in the near future - but i'm really hoping for a girl!! ;)

Syigim said...

>> ica, mmg BIG little boss betul!

>> liz, mmg honestly i didn't even realize bila sebenarnya dia stop nangis tu. tau2 je mcm dah buat dek je everytime kita masuk bilik mandi. ok la tu! hihi

Syigim said...

hidayah, that's murphy's law for moms!!! hihi....once inside the bathroom, or once we the oil started to heat up, or once we already put on their shoes and ready to go out, masa tu la nk gi toilet n what not!

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