Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Khaleef Fever : Admitted at ‘Short-Stay Unit’

it started with a phone call from the school doc. khaleef vomited in the library. temperature - 39. lembik, monyok, groggy. i was shocked. this morning before school he was perfectly fine.

when i asked, khaleef told me he felt dizzy during storytelling at the library. he tried many times to lie down on the carpet during the session. when it’s over, they stood up ready to make paper crocs and that’s when he vomited. my poor baby boy!

mr. khairul picked him up from school, and we brought him to medcare hospital. doc said he needs drip. so he was admitted to the 'short stay unit'.




my brave boy! he didn't cry or complain at all when the nurse poked the needle into his tiny hand. he just squinted, tahan sakit and said, "i just breathe in and stay calm." it also helped that the nurses were so good with kids. they eased him, and talked him through the process.

and it’s so nice that they have those adorable patches with bears on them! cute!




drip, drip, drip.

we didn't expect him to be admitted for half a day, so i regret not bringing a book or something for khaleef, and for me too! usually i have a dr seuss pocket book stashed in my bag! so geram. but the silver lining is we just talked and talked and talked which was just so lovely…

i’m home with them all the time, but the TIME is usually spent on homeworks, reading, and NAGGING! sure we talk; a few minutes here, a few minutes there – but there i was, realizing that it’s been so long since i sit for hours with just my khaleef, doing nothing but talk – from the meaningful to the downright nonsensical stuff!




a couple more hours through and from the way he was constantly talking, it’s obvious he was getting so much better. next temperature check : 37, and goin down! we talked some more and played games like 20 questions, spelling bee and many other word games.




ok. when you see him in this pose, you know he's all better already. and he’s well enough to know he’s bored. haha. dah la he got 2-day off from school. partay time!

by the end of the session, his temperature is at 36+ degrees. yay! got his medicine and he's discharged. that was khaleef’s day at the ‘short stay unit’ in medcare!

most importantly, at the time of writing, he’s already up and about. his appetite is great and he’s jumping and rolling around with his brothers. he’s fine. alhamdulillah!


* * *


snippets of my conversation with khaleef that’s often amusing…


khaleef : mak, why are they taking my blood?

me : they want to check your blood.

khaleef : *suddenly so excited* mak! they have CSI in this hospital?!!


Affieza said...

Wow beraninya Khaleef...xnangis pun..hihi

Sparkly Sharky said...

Kesian Khaleef. Glad to know that he's all better now.

amirah said...

ppor khaleef...mujur dh okay ye kak...

amirah said...


Mama Safiyyah said...

oh menantu mama......you're soooo brave lil guy......glad that you're getting better......

to my besan: it's soooooo nice to be able to spend one-to-one time with them kan......kita tak sedar that we tend to neglect our first borns.....i just had a chat time with yayah last nite too......

foodie said...

Poor baby.. glad to hear he's well now!

Syigim said...

thanks dear aunties & makciks! khaleef is all well now alhamdulillah. thanks for your well-wishes, concerns n doa. :)

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