Saturday, June 30, 2012

Babysitter From Cairo, Egypt

yes we got a nanny – and not only did we transport her all the way from cairo, but she’s also currently studying to be a dentist. future dentist as our boys’ nanny? their teeth would be so well taken care off! haha.

welcome teh!



well, teh is actually my sis-in-law lah. hihi.

it’s her summer break from uni, and on her way back to malaysia for raya holiday, she was *forced* to make a LONG pit-stop in dubai, courtesy of her beloved eldest bro, mr, khairul. my boys were beyond excited knowing their ateh is gonna be here for the next 2 weeks or so.

she would be here up to the day that all of us would leave for malaysia. woohoo! in the meantime, i was absolutely looking forward for her helping to babysit the boys while mr. khairul and i enjoy our rare romantic dates around dubai (including that most important BIG date on my birthday!)

thanks so much teh! (upah mintak kat along! hihi)




…and she has already making herself useful in the kitchen too especially that day when i was down with fever. thanks for the paprik-kangkong belacan-telur dadar set that was really delicious. naik selera, terus tak demam! hihi.




…and the sweetest gesture was making my favorite nasi tomato (rice cooked in herbs and tomato puree) for my birthday lunch. i mentioned it to her casually the day before, and i wasn’t sure she really was gonna make it! it was just so delicious! the ayam merah was SO SPICY, because teh ni memang gile pedas hihi… but it went quite well with the nasi tomato.

good job, teh, and thanks for making my birthday lunch extra yummy. you surprises even your own big bro!

* * *

hmm. wonder what she’ll be cooking today…


lina said...

Ohhh best nya syigim....bukan senang ada org tolong masakkan in the house pulak tu...huh..

Syigim said...

kak lina, best! alhamdulillah ade pulak yg bole jadi nanny & tukang masak! ;)

alin87 said...

Assalamu alaykum!
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