Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bday Bike Ride to ‘Up on the 10th’ Jazz Club

it may be waaaay past 24th june, but in this blog, it’s still my birthday! haha.

after that deliciously romantic wagyu steak birthday dinner at MJ’s steakhouse, we drove back home. however, the evening was not over so soon. mr. khairul had another surprise!

we changed quickly – transformed into zack-azura almost-looka-likeys hihi, and off on his harley-davidson into the night! vroom!

this was a really rare moment for me to go on a ride with mr. khairul, since usually i have noone to leave my 3 boys with. thanks to my sis-in-law who is here for a LONG transit from cairo back to malaysia, i finally had the chance to hop on an exhilarating bike journey with him!

it was just for a while, but still so exciting!

it’s currently summer in dubai, when even the night can get really hot. however that day, the weather was on our side, alhamdulillah. it was a cool night, welcoming us in its breezy embrace!

we just hang, while watching the brightly-lit dhow passed by across the dubai creek

our destination : this fantastic jazz club at ‘radisson blu’ deira, overlooking dubai creek. it’s called ‘up on the 10th’ because well, it’s on the 10th floor of the hotel.

it’s well known to be one of the finest jazz bars around dubai, with it’s simple yet chic setting alongside the LIVE jazz performance that is the crowd-puller for the place. this was another romantic setting for my birthday! oh my, there’s nothing more sensual than jazz music playing while you’re with your loved one.
thank you honey!

it was just nice – me, him, and jazz. just us. in the moment. sometimes speaking without uttering a single word, and still having the best times. we just hang, while watching fancy, lit-up dhow passed by the peaceful creek down below. and that jazz.

oh, i LOVE jazz music!


birthday girl me, and all that jazz!

had fruit-mix smoothie while enjoying the smooth silky LIVE jazz sounds. khaleef, kahfi & kazim were *there* too. hihi. once a mom, always a mom lah.

it’s not called a JAZZ bar for nothing – they’ve got LIVE jazz shows with live music and all. the in-house jazz talent can play the guitar, piano, and was singing all things jazz from the classic sinatra to even oasis’ ‘wallflower’ in jazzed-up style! awesome! i love his voice!

there was another hoopla when suddenly the jazz singer broke into an announcement, “we’ve got a birthday girl in the house..” in his cool jazz voice haha. wah! *mata berkaca-kaca* full of excitement! hihi. thanks honey for the surprise!

and to that suit-up dude on the piano, thanks for crooning the jazzed-up bday song for me! yay! here’s the clip of that birthday song. sweet!

thanks honey! this is just so sweet, and i can’t stop saying it - me, you & jazz. just phenomenal.

and after we left ‘up on the 10th’, we rode along dubai and mr. khairul headed on to another surprise location – a pit-stop on this clearing, where you can clearly see dubai skyline, including the magnificent burj khalifa, the world’s tallest building.

that long bright dots heading upwards is that skyscraper burj khalifa!

thanks for the birthday steak, thanks for the ride on your harley, thanks for the romantic birthday song on a piano, and all that jazz. thanks to my honey cookie mr. khairul! alhamdulillah, what a perfectly planned birthday celebration.

it’s gonna be difficult to top this next year! love you!


aDyLLa OmaR said...

comel gambar depan motor tu!

oh i found this very sweet!
"once a mom, always a mom lah"


Syigim said...

dylla, kak syigim mmg depan moto ke atas moto ke sembunyi blakang moto ke - still comel! ;)

(when u become a mom, u'll be crazy bout ur kiddos too hihi)

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