Monday, June 18, 2012

Chicken Rice for Biker Dads

it was fathers day, and i was hosting 6 biker dads (including mr. khairul hihi) for their monthly motorcycle club meeting. two of them from dubai, and the other four came all the way from abu dhabi. it was a pleasure hosting, since usually it’s held in abu dhabi.



from left : my mr. khairul in blue, mr. prez syamsulfaiz, bro helmey, bro ezam, bro che we and bro manx


they came for lunch, so i made nasi ayam (chicken rice), spaghetti, and we had dominos pizza too.

it’s been so long since we open our home for makan-makan. the last time was probably for khaleef’s 5th birthday – which was so long ago. also, we didn’t have any raya open house last year like previous years so that’s why it felt like ages.

well, that’s why we were pretty excited about hosting! welcome, welcome!




when you look at the picture of the wives above, you’d never guess that two of them have just passed the superbike riding licence in abu dhabi. *shocked* petite, feminine and graceful – yet they’re ready to hop on and take on any rough tough harley davidson that their husband rides!

mr. khairul even had the nerve to ask me about getting a licence too!

i had never even been on a bike as a pillion rider, let alone trying to RIDE one myself! (ok, perhaps only once with my assignment teammate, and that’s just from my college in uia to the main gate to send an assignment – and that’s just about it!) absolutely ridiculous notion!

nways, well done to ira and zira – ride safe on the road, and have fun!


* * *



my chicken rice was so super-duper delicious that they all tweeted about it and dedicated elaborate facebook status just for my chicken rice – haha!




* * *



it’s so nice when before all the guests arrive, khaleef asked me, “the uncles and aunties who will come to our house – do they have children? will they be coming?” and when i said yes, he was so excited. the boys (manx’s kids in striped Ts) are 9 and 7 so khaleef had no problem getting along with the big boys!



even kazim found himself an awek to impress with his talent in xylophone! hihi. here’s kazim with marina (che we’s daughter)


* * *



behind their rough tough harley davidsons, black vest and riding boots – they’re just a bunch of dads with screamin tots and slobberin kiddos!




* * *



future rider?


* * *


happy fathers day to my dearest abah in ipoh. thanks for everything, more than this blog can handle. i’ll see you soon, abah!




Anonymous said...

let's ride..

~XR Rider

amirah said...

waa....akak terer masak nasik ayam?

transformed housewife said...

seronok kalau masak utk tetamu yg dtg ke rumah mcm tu.

Yashmeela Irani said...

lovely photos, especially Marina with her big bros & BF...really touch with the words...

thanks a lot with the treat n will be ours whenever u drop by in AUH..

take care Sis n keep in touch

Sis Ira & Bro Che Wear & Lil Marina

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