Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Full Fuel Tank Can Burst During Dubai Summer?

summer is here in dubai. it’s hot. it’s scorching. it’s sticky. it’s sweaty. and between it all, there’s an email that has been circulating the middle east community – a warning about bursting fuel tanks :

“UAE - The Defence Ministry has advised all the car owners in the UAE not to fill the fuel tank full because for the next few weeks temperature will shoot up to 53-54 degrees and this can cause the fuel tank to burst. Please pass this message to all and off course to your nearest and dearest ones, as all of us here are habitual of filling our car tanks full.”

yesterday in gulfnews, the officials from the civil defence in dubai has issued a statement that this message is NOT TRUE and just a RUMOUR. 


Gasoline in a car’s fuel tank cannot be heated to the point of self-combustion


i was really taken by the warning, and for once did not think that it might be a hoax. i even reminded mr. khairul about it. however, it turned out to be UNTRUE, and these are the FACTS :

  • despite temperatures reaching into the high 40C, gasoline in a car’s fuel tank cannot be heated to the point of self-combustion
  • and even when temperature reaches that high, fuel turns to vapour (gas) and the fuel tanks has vapour valves or vents which can release the vapour out when the pressure builds up
  • cars have their own safety systems when it comes to petrol tanks
  • so, it’s NOT dangerous to fill up the car’s tank no matter what the temperature is

also – in dubai, fuel is pumped by the staff at the gas station (bukan self-service macam kat malaysia, pak arab taknak kotorkan kandoora putih tu kot! hihi) so instead of a warning to the public, shouldn’t the warning go to the gas stations instead? anyhow, the warning is a hoax, so no worries!

click here to read full report at gulfnews.


* * *


forget the fake email, let’s just focus on the precautions that we can take with our vehicle during this hot summer time!

  1. i know this might quite difficult, especially when you’re around deira-bur dubai-karama area, but try to park in the shade whenever possible. it will keep your car cooler
  2. when there is no shade available, try to park so that the sun will be shining on the car’s rear window or passenger side for the majority of the time it is parked
  3. use a sunshade that goes on the inside of your car’s windshield. you know how hot a steering wheel can get!
  4. we often read about children being left in the car accidentally, at times with deadly consequence. (may Allah protect our young ones, and protect us from being forgetful!) be sure to put your child's diaper bag or other belongings on the FRONT SEAT WITH YOU so you will be reminded that your child is in the car
  5. frequent oil changes and belt checks are a must. make sure fluids are full
  6. try filling up at night to save money, because hot fuel turns to vapor and when you’re filling up during hot afternoon, you might actually refilling vapor!
  7. after shopping, check your trunk carefully to make sure nothing has fallen out of the grocery bags. you really don't want to find the bottle of fresh milk or that bag of prawns a week later...

be safe, people!


Norul Rahim said...

salam. oh mastautin uae? ? rezeki happy famili ya! :)

amirah said...

53-54 degrees? panasnyaa..kat sini pun panas siang malam. ber air cond je sntiasa kak..anak2 brpeluh sakan

Madre said...

I read the news too! Even told my husband about it...hehehe... cerita tipu rupanya!
Thanx by the tips nonetheless:)

Nia said...

tak tau kenapa setgh orang suka sgt buat fake email mcm ni kan..isk..

transformed housewife said...

byk sgt e-mail yg ntah apa2. mcm surat berantai pulak.

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