Monday, July 2, 2012

Icy Cendol in Dubai?

it’s now summer in dubai. hot. scorching. sticky. hot.

what better way to cool off and hang out with fun friends than slurping icy cold cendol! courtesy of bro nizalman and kak noni of kampung mirdiff. yay! thanks so much to the cute couple!



siap makan dalam mangkuk hijau plastic kecik tu yang mahal tu! hihi


this actually happened a few weeks back. the old boys from mckk lepak-lepak as a farewell get-together for bro hassanal who now has gone back to malaysia for good. after hanging out at a mandi restaurant, we continued the ‘party’ at bro nizalman’s home for ICE KACANG and CENDOL!

cendol’s basic ingredients are coconut milk, a worm-like jelly made from rice flour with green food coloring (usually derived from the pandan leaf), shaved ice and palm sugar. other ingredients can be added such as read bean, glutinous rice or corn.

mind you – it’s homemade cendol!




* * *


gile klasik! but they actually used the modern ice-crusher instead of this one. ni hiasan je kot hihi




khaleef and kahfi were so engrossed with seeing uncle nizalman prepare their bowls of ais kacang yang takde kacang hihi. it was JUST ice, evaporated milk and rose syrup. licin!



i like cendol, but mr. khairul freaking LOVE cendol! hihi. being a penang boy konon-konon la he can tell whether a bowl of cendol is good or so-so – and this cendol in mirdiff is really good! congratulations, kak noni you have impressed a real cendol-freak from penang! hihi. well, after all the BEST cendol can be found in penang, and ipoh jaya! really okay…haha




second helping – terus buat sendiri, senang! can just dump in any ingredients he wants, and can build a mountain of ice as high as he wants! thanks again, bro nizalman and kak noni, for melayan-ing your adik-adik ni!



THIS much of ice, in summer? PERFECT!


* * *



murid tua MCKK lepas pekena cendol mirdiff - from left : kay v96, nizalman v90, suhaimi v00, hassanal v90, shon v84


ok abg nizalman and kak noni – bila nak buat party cendol lagi? *wink wink*


ICA said...

Betul laaa... siap ada mangkuk klasik... :D

amirah said...

tgk gmbr dulu ingtkn buat cendol guna mesin lama tu.huhu..nway, rumah kawan akak ni cantikla..hihi *dalam mood mencari idea untuk deco*

Zamila Aleiya Zahari said...

halamak! sedapnya!i missed it..we were invited but then encik suamiku need to do some shopping for his futsal tournament. tu la kak noni kata ada ABC tau,rugi tak datang..mmm....

Syigim said...

>> ica, mangkuk hijau tu yg buat lagi feel.. ;)

>> amirah, rumah dia mmg cantik. tu xnmpak lagi gamba almari kayu klasik dia! :)

Syigim said...

zamila aleiya, rugi xjoin wo...sedap! kalo join sure boley jumpa borak2 kan? ;)

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