Sunday, July 15, 2012

Hawker Food @ myNEWScafe @ 1 Utama

“eat, drink, read.”

that’s the tagline of ‘myNEWScafe’ at one utama. the idea is that they offer patrons a wide variety of magazines to choose from – to read while they eat.

now this is not really a breakthrough concept haha – a lot of restaurants have magazines lying around for customers to read, but in myNEWScafe, this is their central concept, as you can see from one of the pictures i have below, where a long magazine rack adorned the whole side of one of the walls.

my youngest sis azot and i went shopping for home stuff the other day and had lunch here, as i wanted something malaysian to eat – rice dish, noodle dish, anything of the same sort!



i was craving for a rice dish, but i can’t help myself ordering this when i saw it on the menu : ‘penang fried kuey teow’. i LOVE kuey teow! for the record, i would say that this kuey teow meets my palate and i find it quite tasty. however, i knew my beloved penang boy mr. khairul would cringe even at the SIGHT of the plate, let alone the taste!

it’s really NOT like penang char kuey teow (i KNOW) – the taste is slightly off yet still yummy, and the texture is different, but this is satisfactory nevertheless. just got to remind myself not to suggest this dish to that penang boy! hihi



this is for the boys : two plates of ‘yong chow fried rice’. you can never go wrong with yong chow fried rice because it’s such a deliciously simple dish. unless you screw it up with too much salt! this one is a little bit salty than i would like, but it’s still tasty. the portion is acceptable, and it’s served with slices of cucumbe and cut up veggies, a few praws and egg sunny side up. not bad.



my youngest sister picked a rice dish too. this is ‘myNEWS fried rice’ – a spicier fried rice served with fried chicken wings, sambal and egg sunny side up. another really simple dish and equally tasty. this can easily satisfy any hungry yuppies on their rushed lunch hour!



other than local delicacies like paprik rice, asam laksa or singapore beehoon, myNEWScafe also has western dishes such as chicken chop and lamb cutlets – and they’re so cheap! i will definitely try that next!



a rack filled with magazines at the back



a wide mirror to give an illusion of space



nice comic-book art corner here in myNEWScafe


my sister said this place is packed during lunch time because it sells local food that is comparitively cheap, and fairly delicious. kalau dah takde idea mane nak makan kat OU, do try!


Affieza said...

Bestkan balik Malaysia?? blh makan mcm2...hehe

Syigim said...

Affieza, alhamdulillah..makan2 tu yg best! :)

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