Saturday, July 28, 2012

KLCC : Best Kenny Rogers for Iftar

both my baby sisters work near KLCC so it was just easier to buka puasa somewhere there. we ended up at kenny rogers in KL convention center – that memorable place where i had a date with anuar zain last april. hihi. klik sini untuk cerita penuh!

oppp lari topik pulak.

let me just state for the record that i had a great time breaking fast with my sisters. loved it. it’s hard to get all three together because of their crazy working hours – but here we are. ramadhan miracle!



syida, me, azi – sisters!


i’d say if you wanted to buka puasa at ANY kenny rogers, this is a great one to go to :

1) the surau is practically next door – not right next but in a few steps and you’re there. fairly spacious, very comfy, with enough telekung and sejadah to use

2) it’s in KL convention center which is connected to KLCC. most people would just check out makan places in KLCC for iftar, leaving THIS kenny rogers less crowded. some people comes at 7.15 and still able to get seats

3) i don’t know about other kenny rogers, but in this branch, if you get your side-dishes mixed up or got the wrong one – instead of changing your plate, they would just GIVE you an extra bowl of that side-dish. wah! rezeki bulan ramadhan!




berbuka with the my two favorite couples again – my baby sisters and my bros-in-law. bakal pengantin azot and faiz; and pengantin basi syidot and nash. i just sat at the head of the table, like a CEO. haha.

oh, and yes, it’s just me. mr. khairul is back in dubai to resume work, and we’ll reunite a few days before raya. missing him. hope he reads this.


Nur Misnan said...

Last year breaking fast at Mr. KR with family.. superb.. hik3.. salam ramadan...

transformed housewife said...

hmmm Kenny Rogers. One of my favourite fast food restaurants.

Affieza said...

Seronok dpt berbuka bersama2 bkn senang tu masing2 ada komitmen...

Syigim said...

>> nur misnan, sesekali berbuka dgn kenny rogers mm best :) salam ramadhan kembali!

>> kak nur, i love the coleslaw there. unik!

Syigim said...

affieza, betul. adik-beradik nk berjumpa pun kena plan betul2 kalau dah berkeluarga & bekerjaya!

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