Tuesday, July 10, 2012

DXB-KUL : In-Flight Movie I Watched

we flew back to malaysia in the massive emirates airbus a380. now i don’t know much about planes, but in layman’s term, this is a double-deck airplane with a LOT of lavatory and best of all, a huge tv screen for us economy class folks!

now that’s the way to enjoy in-flight entertainment!

i only caught two movies in the 6-7 hour flight from dubai to malaysia. i’ve wanted to watch these two movies since forever! ‘albert nobbs’ because glenn close was nominated for best actress in the last academy awards; and ‘the best exotic marigold hotel’ because the cast comprise of the best veteran acts in brit silver screen.


* * *



oh my, can you even recognize the pretty glenn close in this man-butler get-up?

yes, in this riveting drama ‘albert nobbs’, glenn close plays ‘albert nobbs’ – a woman who disguises herself as a man to escape poverty, to be independent, and to work as a butler in a high-class hotel in the late 19th century ireland. an encounter with a handsome painter may open doors to her long-kept secret…

glenn close is so convincing as this soft-spoken man who always kept to himself, and at the same time a very well-mannered and dependable butler in this posh hotel. it’s almost heartbreaking to see albert nobbs alone in his/her room, quietly counting the tip of the day to see if it’s finally enough to realize his/her dream in owning a shop of his/her own.

when a handsome painter was hired to fix the hotel, he was asked to stay the night with albert – and so begins a whole new chapter in the life of albert nobbs…

a moving drama about going againts all odds, to realize a dream despite whatever shorcomings we may have.




* * *



i LOVE this movie. and it’s no wonder – the director of this delightful movie was also responsible for my other favorite movie of all time, ‘shakespeare in love’. no wonder the script is witty, the casts are wonderfully engaging and the story itself is magical.

a group of english veterans decided to take a holiday at this so-called ‘best exotic marigold hotel’ which claims to have top-class facilities and all that marketing catch-phrases. when they arrived, things are NOT quite as advertised, but the old folks stayed on, and experiences life in the colorful and exotic india. in fact, the old ‘hotel’ seemed to have its own charm…

‘the best exotic marigold hotel’ is never boring because each veteran have their own story to tell, their own adventure to run, their concerns and problems – all which is interesting, touching, amusing and a joy to watch. sometimes funny, sometimes sad, and mostly an eye-opener – perhaps, when we get older, we’ll be facing the same challenges!

dev patel (of slumdog millionaire) plays the young manager who often seems a little klutzy as he strives so hard to please his hotel guests and to convince them that ‘things always turn out right in the end, and if it didn’t, it’s not yet the end.’ he gets some of the best one-liners, and obviously the comic relief. he’s definitely a darling in this movie!

this is highly recommended movie, for the young and the young at heart. it’s about hope and facing your fears, about letting go and second chances – and also to remind all of us that old folks still have a little bit of romance in them.



* * *


though ‘albert nobbs’ is a fine movie, but it’s depressing to be watched in an enclossed space haha because you can’t escape to get a scoop of ice-cream or opening to window to get some fresh air – yes, it’s THAT kind of movie.

that’s exactly why i was so glad i watched ‘the best exotic marigold hotel’ next, which gives hope on life as you reach that golden age, that life’s adventure doesn’t end when you notice one strand of uban, and it’s just such a wonderfully funny movie to watch.


aDyLLa OmaR said...

oh my. someone has recommended me to watch ‘the best exotic marigold hotel’ jugak!

kena tengok ni.

amirah said...

takdela boring dlm flight kan...wish i have more time to watch movies tp anak dah conquer tv

nELi. said...

Hey syigim, how funny is when we have exact same word for white/silver hairs? We call it 'uban' in our dialect too. Am finding it just funny. Hihi

Syigim said...

>> dylla, must-watch! funny n touching at the same time :)

>> amirah, bila anak2 dah tido yang paling selesa tgk tv dlm flight :)

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