Monday, July 30, 2012

Funny Story : Smile in Ramadhan!

got this from my sister who shared it from yasmin mogahed’s facebook page. hihi.



two christian missionaries, David and Michael, were lost in a scorching desert, dying of thirst and hunger when they saw a mosque up front.

David said: “Michael, let’s pretend we are Muslims. otherwise, we will not get any food or water and we will die. my name will be Ahmed. what will be your name?”

Michael refused to change his name.

when both of them reached the mosque, the Imam received them well and asked their names.

David: “my name is Ahmed.”

Michael: “my name is Michael.”

the Imam turned to his helpers and said: “please bring food and water for Michael.” then he turned to David and said: “brother Ahmed, Ramadan Mubarak.


honesty prevails, so do not lie yah! ok chill, read, smile or laugh, it’s just a joke – have a pleasant ramadhan, people!


amirah said...

hihihi...tggu magrib ye ahmed

Syigim said...

haha tu lah *ahmed* tipu lagi.. ;)

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