Monday, July 9, 2012

Lamb Chops @ Tony Roma’s : Azi’s Treat!

my sisters are on a diet but obviously i ruined it by coming over demanding a lot of makan-makan time! haha. and this will be a regular thing while i’m back in malaysia, people!

as promised, my youngest sister treated me to a steak lunch at tony roma’s. yay! thanks azi!

there are tony roma’s branches in dubai, but i had never been to one. i heard the beef ribs dish is their specialty, and their lamb chops are not bad either – so i went in high anticipation, and an empty tummy waiting to be filled with juicy, meaty lamb fat and chunks!

yes i said it – FATty chunks – and i’m not even gonna feel guilty about it!




i’m not that picky when it comes to lamb chops – a good lamb chop needs to be tender, juicy, medium well-done, and well-marinated without being too salty. the lamb chops at tony roma’s fit the bill. it’s simply delicious and i enjoyed every bite. the portion is huge too – four pieces of lamb chops! yay!

it comes with two complimentary side dishes of our choice – from the classic mashed potatoes or coleslaw to fresh steamed veggies or baked potatoes.




i picked mashed potatoes – slightly on the rough side, meaning it’s not entirely mashed. there’s lump and even bits of potato skin. sedap tu sedap, and some might like it like that, but i like my mashed potato silky smooth and without lumps!

i simply LOVE coleslaw, and i always make my own. though i find the coleslaw at tony roma’s slightly on the sweet side, but i find it very tasty! deliciously cool and complements my yummy bits of lamb chops.




* * *




my sisters shared this awesome steakhouse burger – one of the popular burger choices in tony roma’s. it’s a grilled beef burger topped with cheese and beef bacon.

it looks SO inviting because i’m a fan of cheeseburgers, but i gotta concentrate my palate solely on my lambchops. no thanks, girls!




* * *




the wombats also shared this surprisingly delicious starter called ‘steak & wild mushroom flatbread’.

it’s simply this crispy flatbread topped with grilled beef tenderloin, melted cheese, crumbled bleu cheese, wild mushrooms, red peppers, chives and creamy horseradish sauce. looking at it, you’d think it’s just a type of thin-crusted pizza of some sort – but it’s really a whole dish on its own. like i said – surprisingly delicious!




also, i usually don’t like it if the toppings seemed more than the bread – tak balance – but a bite proves me wrong – the toppings and the flatbread go together well in acceptable ratio. haha.

i would order this again if i stopped by for a snack!


* * *



the next pasangan raja sehari


my future bro-in-law faiz joined us about half an hour later, ordering a big plate of ‘caesar salad’. yes, ALSO on a diet. maklumla, they’re getting married in december!




overall, the food at tony roma’s is not disappointing at all, and really delicious with huge portion too, which is always an extra. the place is comfy and family friendly. however, it looks bare though without much decor as compared to other similar-themed restaurants like TGIF or chillis, but good food makes up to that.


* * *


to my baby sis azi, thank you so much for this deliciously fatty juicy treat of lamb chops! again, i’m NOT feeling guilty at all! haha.

that night, her fiance faiz pulak belanja the famous ‘nasi lemak bumbung’ which was so tasty too. thanks faiz! moga bertambah-tambah rezeki korang bila dah sah suami isteri nanti sebab dengan murah hati belanja kakak korang yang comel ni hihi. ok, where to next?


nELi. said...

awwww. im so drooling over that piece of lamb chop above. So inviting!

Syigim said...

nELi, give tony roma's a try. and get the lamb chops!!! it's soooo worth it!

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