Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Found Dubai’s Best Shawarma in Naif

ok. cut to the chase.

i’ve been to naif so many many times, but i’ve only JUST found the most delicious shawarma in dubai, right there at one of the busiest corners in naif road! seriously. (for those not familiar with dubai, naif is THE place to get abaya, pashmina, scarves and segala macam kain.)




a really delicious treat. this picture doesn’t do justice to the shawarma. it has the usual filling – grilled chicken on a skewer, with cut-up lettuce and special sauce that totally seals the deal. do give a try the next time you need to shop around at naif. it’s really good mostly because of the crispiness of its soft bread, and the generous portion. i definitely get one every time i am at naif.

eat it hot and fresh from the skewers – the best! murah pulak tu!



where is it exactly? it’s right at the corner which is on the same row with phulwani on its right side. senang je nk spot sbb corner lot. if you pass by the naif police station, you would surely see the restaurant ‘marfa al noor’ along the busy street.

it really is just a humble corner shop – i’m not JUST a posh-wagyu-beef eating chick. i check out places like this too!




* * *



this was us, riding from home, after a visit to phulwani, the most famous tailor shop among malaysians. mr. khairul nak buat suit with the famous tailor babu. mention babu to any malaysians – if they have never heard of him, that means that malaysians belum cukup jalan-jalan dubai lagi! haha.

that’s when we stopped by and had that yummy shawarma.

the place is small, much like any other restaurants and little cafes all around deira. what separates it from others is perhaps the bright orange ‘corporate color’ hihi. the staff also wears the same color, you see.




...siap ade brader hensem dan sasa keja kat sini. haha. my sis-in-law said he resembles aston kutcher! nak je cakap kat dia, tak penah try pg audition ke, kot2 try hantar gamba kat advert co ke... hihi


well, ashton-kutcher-lookalikey shawarma-man aside, the shawarma is highly recommended. try and tell me you agree with me!


amirah said...

alaaa akak x tgkp gmbr dia ..betul ke muka dia mcam ashton kutcher? huhu

Zamila Aleiya Zahari said...

boleh try bila nak gi amek baju raya babu jahit..yeahhh!!

nurbeena said...

owh sedapnya. yummy!


ohh..another Malaysian-Arab blog...okeh!

Syigim said...

>> amirah, hahaha ashton kutcher versi pakistan kot :P

>> zamila aleiya, mesti try ok! sedap n murah!

Syigim said...

>> puan nurbeena, mmg sedap, ni pun rasa teringin ni... ;)

>> dorawantan, yes another msia IN arab blog ;)

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