Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Theobrama Chocolate : KL’s First Choc Cafe?

this franchise from australia has been around in KL for quite some time, but this was the first time that i tried it. went with the young couples – my newly wedded sis syidot and her husband nash, and azi with her fiance faiz.

found out that ‘theobrama chocolate’ is KL’s first chocolate cafe, offering (among others) choc fondue – melted chocolate served in a pot surrounded by cut-up fresh fruits especially strawberry or banana to be dip in the choc, usually shared.

ah, the very thought of it!

‘theobrama cacao’ is also a small cocoa tree, and its seeds are used to make cocoa powder and chocolate.



i tried this safe yet classic choice of ‘belgian waffle with ice-cream’. what can i say? waffle? GOOD. strawberry? GOOD. ice-cream? GOOD. chocolate sauce? GOOD! i love the texture of the waffle – like bahulu but not quite. the strawberry fresh and the rest is history down my tummy! i just wish i had TWO scoops of ice-cream instead of just one!




* * *




my future bro-in-law faiz tried something really quirky that i first heard only in the movie ‘chocolat’ starring johnny depp and juliet binoche. love that movie! anyways, he tried the ‘chilli hot chocolate’. yes, it’s not a typo – CHILLI hot choc! chilli powder is literally sprinkled on top of the hot choc surface. fascinating! fascinating that someone is crazy enough to try this!



he said he could really feel the pang of the chilli powder in between sips of hot choc!


* * *



my younger sisters syidot and azot went a little romantic and shared this tall cup of ice-blended choc with yummy stuff in it. i’m not so sure. but it sure looks yummy! especially with the hardened chocolate trail decorated on the inside of the glass. yum!


* * *



from left : nash, syida, faiz & azi


it was just me and kazim (my other two boys khaleef and kahfi were with my in-laws) and these four cwazee lovewombats.

at times i just kept quiet watching them pokpek and it’s just blissful. me in malaysia. makan-makan. with my sisters. and my brothers-in-law. just hangin out. sweet as the dessert we were eating…

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