Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sleek Sushi Art by French Chef Joël Robuchon

most beautifulestest (that’s how amazed i am!) sushi i've ever seen (and i dont even like sushi). full stop.

apparently this particular sushi platter that we had is a creation of french chef joël robuchon, which contributes to the ‘art’ factor! chef joël robuchon is one of france’s most famous and skilled michelin chefs, with fine dining restaurants across the world, cook books and multiple awards. (‘michelin stars’ are the ranking system of fine dining restaurants).

this classy japanese restaurant is at ‘the beach’ JBR. the interior is really simple but sleek, and you can sit inside in the comfort of air cond or (it’s no sea-view) you can still enjoy the salty sea air outside. going to a chain with a michelin chef as its main head certainly begs a LOT of expectations :



this is called the ‘joël robuchon box’ – comprised of three different vibrantly creative sushi. (it’s important to note that we had this in may last year. however, at the time of writing, chinese new year is a few days away which explains their ‘main box’ having completely different sets of sushi with names like ‘fire roll’ and ‘dragon roll’, in line with the chinese new year theme. please ask if they still have these!)



spring roll crispy lobster – lobster, banana, cucumber, yuzu and mango sauce, wrapped in soy paper. did you read right? yeap. it includes banana. again, weird for me but so groundbreaking for mr khairul!



this is one wacky creation called ‘hawaiian roll’ with shrimp, basil, avocado, salmon, kiwi and yuzu mango sauce. mr. khairul who loves to try as-weird-as-it-can-get type of food, obviously fancied this one. me – i love mango, i like kiwi but on a sushi? naah. for those adventurous ones, like mr. khairul, the unchartered territory of fruit plus sushi is mind-blowing. but for a simple ol me, the taste does not add up. not a fan.



this platter of 3 types of sushi also comes with 2 scallop nigiri (blowtorched) with saikyo miso sauce. now i kinda enjoy eating this one. it’s tasty!



saving the best for last, (for me) the 'spicy ebi roll' with shrimp tempura, spicy tuna, avocado, purple potato chips, yuzu sauce and kosho. now this is truly a burst of flavor and texture! i love shrimp tempura on its own to begin with, and that is why i love this sushi. shrimp and tuna go so well together and that crispy purple potato chips and tempura contributes to the different texture. i would order THIS one on its own.



edamame bean of course. with a pinch of salt to elevate the taste.



for a place so classy, owned by a michelin chef, the miso soup is surprisingly NOT ridiculously expensive. i’ve been to a japanese restaurant where the simple miso soup is aed18! at sushiart, it’s only aed10.


* * *



i love the minimalist decor. simple, probably too plain for some – but then again the arty colorful sushi should be the star of the table!


IMG_8837IMG_8864 IMG_8850  IMG_8849 


* * *


   IMG_8894 IMG_8891

we didnt finish the sushi – with 2-3 pieces left, and this was how they packed our leftover sushi. so cute! macam door gift kenduri kawen. and on the left is the small pack of wasabi and the most adorable soy sauce bottle.


* * *


the joël robuchon box is pricey but totally worth it for a true sushi fan. it’s like the godiva of sushi – not because it’s more expensive, but because it’s more vibrant! not only put together by a master french chef, but each is so incredibly creative, well-thought in taste, color and texture. truly a party of sushi gone wild.

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